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Looking for your dream home? Eager to explore an amazing range of modern houses and mansions for sale worldwide?

JamesEdition is the world’s leading luxury real estate website where you can discover more than 200,000 luxury real estate listings in one search. The curated selection of luxury homes for sale includes chic mansions and villas, family homes, and urban apartments listed by trusted agents and brokers in 50+ countries.

International luxury real estate for sale: Key countries, regions, and metropolitan cities

The US housing market offers a great choice of properties. JamesEdition features more than 30,000 luxury homes for sale in the US, with the most expensive houses for sale at $100+M and the most affordable luxury homes listed at $545,000. According to JamesEdition data, the median housing price per listing in the US is $1.3M with the median price per sqm of $5,000.

The main second home markets in the high-end segment in the USA include California, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and Texas, with the latest gaining more demand among affluent buyers in the past two years. New York City remains popular with wealthy real estate investors while beachfront and country properties in Florida and California are sought-after among international buyers.

Speaking of affluent US neighborhoods, Bel Air (Los Angeles), Windermere (Florida) and Lake Nona (Orlando) are at the top of user searches.

The European luxury real estate market includes vast coastal and inland areas in culturally diverse regions. The main markets of interest for affluent second home buyers are France (with the focus on Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), Spain (Andalucia, the Balearic Islands), Italy (Tuscany, Lombardy, Liguria), Portugal (Setúbal municipality and the Algarve), Greece (the Aegean and Ionian islands, Athens).

The metropolitan cities of Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Madrid and Barcelona remain attractive destinations for real estate investors.

Ranging by price value, Cote d’Azur in France and Lake Como in Italy lead the list as the most expensive locations with a median housing price of $1.5M, followed by the Balearic Islands (median housing price is $1.45M), Tuscany ($1.4M), Cascais in Portugal ($1.25M) and Costa del Sol in Spain ($1.2M)

Canada remains one of the top destinations for international home buyers because of its attractive residency programs. There are more than 2,000 houses on the high-end real estate market in the country.

Vancouver (and specifically West Vancouver), Whistler, Toronto, Quebec, Oakville, Calgary, Victoria and Kelowna remain the most popular locations among foreign buyers from the US and Asia.

Most often, international buyers look for classic stone houses and mansions close to natural landmarks, such as the Niagara River and Banff National Park, or country homes situated near a lake or a forest.

Top luxury real estate: Modern houses and mansions for sale

Mansions are one of the most popular types of home for the ultra-wealthy. The elegance and class they bring, whether modern or historic, is perfect for living in the lap of luxury. Oceanfront waterfront locations are the most popular, while you can also find gorgeous mega mansions in rural and secluded forest areas. Amazing locations all over the world are home to beautiful luxury mansions and the range of mansions for sale ensures high-net worth individuals with tastes of all kinds can find the mansion to suit their needs.

Top locations for buyers looking for mansions for sale vary dependent on style. Classically designed historic mansions can be found across Europe. Top locations for buyers looking for mansions for sale vary dependent on style. Classically designed historic mansions can be found across Europe especially in the UK (England), Italy (around Lakes Como and Maggiore) and France (the French Riviera). When looking for modern mansions for sale, the most popular locations are across the USA, with Miami, Bel Air, Los Angeles (the Hollywood Hills) and New York (the Hamptons).

Luxury modern houses for sale come in range of styles and types. You can find fantastic and unique architecture, contemporary designs, ultra modern futuristic styles and much more. There are modern bungalow style homes, beach homes and something luxurious for everyone with the budget available. Top locations for modern houses for sale include Greece (the Aegean Islands), Spain (Costa del Sol) as well as some of the world’s top cities (particularly popular with investors), including London, Berlin, Lisbon, Miami and Melbourne.