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Luxury Villas for Sale in Italy

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Dream Locations in Italy

Real estate for sale: luxury homes, modern villas, seaside mansions, and more

JamesEdition currently lists 10,537 homes for sale in Italy.

Luxury homes in Italy have between 1 and 140 bedrooms and averages 356 ㎡ in size.
The most popular property types are Villa (3,754) and House (2,273).
Listing price of these homes is between 485,012 USD and 304,542,419 USD with the average price being 1,353,521 USD.

Looking for your dream home in Italy?
Discover the definitive selection of the country's best real estate: historic homes, villas, seaside mansions

Italy is one of the most popular second home destinations in the world. Below, we have compiled a list of the top locations in Italy to purchase real estate that suits your lifestyle and future life plans.

Where to buy a coastal home in Italy: luxury real estate in Puglia, Amalfi, Forte dei Marmi or Liguria (“Italian Riviera”)?

In Liguria, also known as the Italian Riviera, buyers can easily find the best examples of Italian real estate: from classic, Mediterranean villas settled on picturesque cliffs to modern homes.

The most expensive real estate in Liguria is located in Portofino, Rapallo, Porto Venere and La Spezia. But it’s still possible to find a nice beachfront house under €1,000,000 euros ($1,080,000 USD) in less expensive neighborhoods of the Ligurian coast.

The Tuscan Coast combines the best Italy can offer: amazing, waterfront villas and proximity to inland, Tuscany attractions. Prime areas on this coast are Monte Argentario, a former island which is now connected to the mainland, and the coastal town of Forte dei Marmi.

Beautiful Amalfi Coast situated south of Naples is known for its narrow beaches settled between cliffs and gorgeous villas located higher on hills. It is the perfect choice for buyers who like yachting; from Amalfy, you can sail to Capri, Ischia, and smaller islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Puglia is a southern region forming the heel of Italy’s “boot,” with a recognizable landscape formed by white villages and authentic, Trulli houses. Its beautiful sea, excellent choice of attractions, and natural landmarks make the area the perfect place to buy a home for family holidays

Where to buy a luxury lake home in Italy: Lakes Como, Lugano, and Maggiore

Italian lakes are well-known for their unique charm.

Lake Como is more serene than other Italian lakes. It boasts an aristocratic landscape shaped by a Gothic cathedral, historic villas, and waterfront mansions surrounded by mountains.

Lake Maggiore with its Borromean Islands, beautiful palazzo, and many natural landmarks is a perfect place to blend upscale lifestyle with outdoor activities. Lake Lugano is probably the richest area with higher real estate prices and Mediterranean-like scenery.

Finally, there are also Lakes Garda and Orta with scenic surroundings but slightly lower real estate prices.

What kind of real estate one can buy on the Italian Lakes? There are many affordable apartments in coastal towns with prices ranging from €500,000 euros ($550,000 USD) to €1,000,000 euros ($1,080,000 USD). Detached modern and historic waterfront villas come with price tags ranging from €2,000,000 euros ($2,200,000 USD) to €4,500,000 euros ($4,950,000 USD).

Historic mansions and castles can cost as much as €8,000,000 euros ($8,805,000 USD); but, at the same time, €1,000,000 castles also can appear on the market, if an owner doesn’t want to invest in renovation.

Top location in Tuscany to buy a villa or a vineyard home: Arezzo and Siena, Chianti and Montepulciano, Lucca and Florence

The list of Tuscan prime real estate locations includes the medieval towns of Arezzo, Siena and Cortona, the vineyard areas of Montepulciano, Chianti, and Val D’Orcia. The Tuscan town of Lucca is recommended for those who don’t want to buy in Florence, the capital city of Tuscany.

According to Sotheby’s International Realty, top countryside villas in Tuscany cost about €4,000,000 euros ($ 4,400,000 USD), i.e. 3,000-5,000 euro/sq.m. But even if your wallet doesn’t stretch that far, villas, farmhouses, and cottages in less famous locations are on offer from 1,500 euro/sq.m.

Best Italian islands to buy a villa: Capri, Ischia, Sardinia

Italy boasts many amazing islands, from the smaller Aeolian Islands off the northern coast of Sicily to the Pontine Islands archipelago. But the most sought-after destinations for prime home buyers are Capri, Ischia, and Sardinia.

These three islands are very different in terms of lifestyle and atmosphere. To feel the variations, you can browse through the seaside homes and villas listed in these areas. Take a look at historic villas and manors in Capri; modern, seaside properties in Costa Smeralda, the most prestigious area in Sardinia; and enchanting villas in Ischia.

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