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Prestige vehicles were and always will be one of the ultimate status symbols. They’ve also proved to be one of the safest investment portfolios which champions a clear advantage over stocks or cryptocurrency. Every exotic or supercar is a rolling work of art that can be enjoyed daily and provide its owner with the thrilling experience of driving a bespoke machine.
We offer a selection of world-class vehicles and top popular models if you are looking for a luxury car or supercar for sale.
From immensely capable Rolls Royce Cullinans, and sublimely fast Ferraris, to impressive Bugattis and Koenigseggs. At JamesEdition, we offer only the finest and most desirable vehicles, including a lineup of rare classic cars.

Top Luxury Cars For Sale On JamesEdition

It is always interesting to see what kind of luxury cars are the most popular with our clients. Over the years, we discovered that Porsche is sought-after primarily due to its performance image and high-quality and timeless design. Sports cars like the legendary 911 are always in demand, but the luxury Panamera and Cayenne are also high on the list.
People who are looking for striking supercars and super-fast SUVs are drawn to Lamborghini, which is also a very popular brand. The Urus and Huracan are the best choice for clients looking for performance and unmatched driving dynamics.
Of course, one of the key brands in the world of luxury cars is Mercedes, and it is well-represented in our offer not just with luxury and AMG models but also with its highly-exclusive Maybach sub-brand. The German quality, paired with top-notch engineering, is why this company has been on top of the premium car segment for so long.
Interestingly, Lotus is one of the rising stars among sought-after sports cars. With the newly-introduced Elmira and Evija supercar, many customers want to include this legendary British brand in their collections.
Due to their prestige, high performance, and seductive styling, Ferrari and Maserati are always popular luxury car brands. They are always highly sought-after by automotive connoisseurs who want a perfect combination of inspirational design with high-revving engines and that unique feel of Italian exotic.
The Bugatti is one of the most cherished automotive nameplates, and since its revival in the early 2000s, it has been the golden standard in the hypercar world. Models like Veyron and Chiron are in a league of their own regarding power and performance, which is why the popularity of this iconic brand is totally understandable.
For decades, the British car industry has provided us with prime examples of luxury vehicles, mainly via brands like Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, or Bentley. Combining a bespoke approach, high performance, and irresistible charms, Aston Martin is always in-demand by wealthy customers who prefer to drive their cars themselves. Rolls Royce and Bentley are perfect choices for those who want to sit in the back.

Rare, Exotic cars, and Supercars For Sale

However, as every car enthusiast knows, rare, exotic, and supercars are always the most exciting cars we have on offer. Those vehicles represent the industry's absolute pinnacle, combining exotic materials, superb technical concepts, insane power, and advanced designs. Cars like Koenigsegg Jesko or Lykan Hypersport are automotive jewels every car collector wants.
Interestingly, knowledgeable customers often look for rare cars produced by companies that modify existing models. Gemballa is the perfect example, and this brand is known for extreme creations based on Porsches and other luxury brands. Along with improved performance, Gemballa installed unique body kits, redesigned the interior, and added extra features. Hennessey is a similar outfit that has braced itself and stepped into the hypercar arena with Hennessey Venom, one of the fastest road-going machines ever built.
For those who are looking for raw thrills, an analog driving experience, and an open-air feel, cars like Shelby Cobra are a prevalent choice. This model, introduced in 1962 but still produced by numerous aftermarket companies, is still one of the most exciting cars to drive on the twisty back road. Interestingly, many car aficionados are looking for classic cars or remastered classics like Porsche Singer; which offers modern amenities but in a timeless body. The iconic DeLorean will soon be available with a remastered and fully-electric DMC12 model, and we already see strong interest from our clients for this unique yet thoroughly modern vehicle.