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Bugatti has made some of the most coveted cars in history. By winning the Targa Florio for five years straight between 1924 and 1929, and the first ever Monaco Grand Prix, Bugatti cemented its reputation for quality and sportiness. With, at the time, revolutionary solutions to the building process, Ettore Bugatti’s creed was lightness in combination with making the car a beautiful work of art. Bugatti is today alone in its segment as no one else has the financial clout to churn out vehicles with the same amount of detailing and precision.

Who Drives Bugatti Cars:

There are two types who drive Bugatti. The classic enthusiast collector like Ralph Lauren with his Type 57SC Atlantic and Gangloff Drophead Coupe, and Type 59 Grand Prix, and the Gentleman wishing to travel comfortably with 1001hp behind his back in a Veyron, knowing full well there isn’t a single car on the road that can match him for straight line performance. Usually found parked outside luxurious hotels worldwide and the occasional desert road.

Rarity & Exclusivity:

Some of the rarest cars in the world are Bugattis and collectors pay enormous amounts for them. With a total production of only 7900 (of which 2000 still exist today) during 100 years, Bugattis come few and far apart. With meticulous craftsmanship in each detail, Bugatti is truly the finest automaker the world has ever seen.