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      Luxury Villas for Sale in France

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      Castles and luxury mansions for sale in France

      Find your dream home for sale in France

      There are currently 70,711 luxury homes for sale in France on JamesEdition. JamesEdition can help you find the home that match all the preferences for your dream home. Use filters and narrow your search by price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and amenities to find homes that fit your criteria. Click on listings to see photos, amenities, price and much more.

      The average price of a home in France is 865,706 USD, and range in price between 490,011 USD and 130,672,692 USD. The most popular property types are House (35,602 listings) and Apartment (23,242 listings).

      On JamesEdition you can find luxury homes in France of any size between 1 and 74 bedrooms with an average of 165 銕 in size.

      Popular locations in France that also could be worth exploring are Paris, Cannes, Nice, Antibes and Mougins.

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      Looking for your dream home in France?
      Discover our definitive selection of luxury real estate in France: castles and mansions, modern luxury homes, and other French properties for sale

      The laid-back French lifestyle, pleasant climate, unparalleled haute cuisine, some of the best wine-producing regions in the world, and a thrilling real estate market are only a small sampling of the compelling reasons to search for second homes and luxury real estate in France.

      Each region varies in terms of weather, culture, landscape, and prices, offering a wide range of luxury mansions, homes, and medieval castles for sale in France. And even though the "country of love" is perfect from almost every angle, when considering buying a property in France, potential residents need to know exactly where to look for the best luxury French properties.

      From Paris to Burgundy: the best castles available for sale in France

      When thinking about buying an authentic chateau, the first thought that comes to mind usually is a gorgeous, dreamlike French castle. The country indeed offers an innumerable quantity of the best castles in the world with historical associations with medieval knights and templar castles as well as small ancient castles, castles with vineyards, moats and watchtowers, and even abandoned castles and ruins for sale.

      The central part of France, including 脦le-de-France, Burgundy, and the famous Ch芒teaux Area of the Loire Valley, especially stands out. The area offers the best historical or modern luxury castles available for sale in France. Here, a buyer can find over 300 manors and palaces of the Loire Valley (alongside some of the most fantastic castles in France for sale), the majestic Palace of Versailles, Paris, and the Ch芒teaux & Abbeys of Burgundy.

      Speaking of how many castles are listed for sale in France in 2020-2021 overall, JamesEdition offers 412 chateaus with prices up to US$141M. But, of course, more affordable and cheaper castles on the luxury real estate market of France also appear with prices under US$500K.

      From Brittany and Normandy to Alsace: top, luxury mansions available for sale in France

      The North of France (both the eastern and the western parts) offers a long list of benefits for those investing in luxury French properties. With Brittany and Normandy to the west and Alsace and Lorraine to the east, the northern part of the country is a historically rich and colorful region, boasting a spectacular 2,700-kilometer coastline and numerous, charming villages.

      Brittany and Normandy, with their picturesque granite cliffs, dramatic coastlines, and authentic culture, have always been a popular choice for those seeking perfect luxury mansions, expensive classic houses, or more affordable coastal homes available for sale in France.

      Within Alsace, we highly recommend taking a closer look at Strasbourg and Lorraine at Nancy; both cities enjoy an expansive real estate market with some of the best luxury mansions and homes for sale in France.

      From southern Bordeaux to Toulouse: top, classic-style, luxury homes for sale in France

      Moving on to the southern parts of France, our first recommendation is the west coast with its long expanses of sandy beaches and stunning views over the Atlantic coastline.

      The fascinating Bordeaux region is nestled just a few miles from the ocean, so the climate is very pleasant with warm summers and mild winters. It is a historic region, and Bordeaux City boasts nearly 350 UNESCO protected buildings, setting the tone for the luxury French properties listed for sale nearby.

      In the southwest of France there is plenty of luxury authentic real estate for every taste: from large castles like the famous Ch芒teau de Montbrun in Limousin to rural cottages and luxury mansions listed for sale in this wine region of France. JamesEdition offers 139 luxury French properties in Bordeaux with prices ranging from US$513K to US$18M.

      Toulouse, slightly further to the south, also offers numerous benefits. It is strategically located on the road from France to Spain. Named La Ville Rose (the pink city) due to the pink, clay bricks used for many of the city鈥檚 buildings, Toulouse is a beautiful place to search for perfect, luxury homes for sale in the South of France.

      From Nice to Cannes: the best, luxury real estate in France

      Headed by the most famous cities of Nice, Cannes, and Marseilles, the Provence-Alpes-C么te d'Azur region has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the most popular attractions in the world.

      Located near Auvergne-Rh么ne-Alpes, it is a unique geographical area of France. And, if you鈥檙e searching for a hotspot to enjoy a relaxed, coastal lifestyle, you鈥檒l be satisfied with an enormous variety of stunning locations, providing the best of French living, including gorgeous views, high-end amenities, and unparalleled entertainment opportunities, as well as the most luxury mansions, homes, and castles listed for sale in France.

      The real estate market here is guaranteed to thrill: you can easily find some of the best castles and chateaus for sale in the south of France with prices ranging from US$760K up to a record US$141M. The palette of architectural styles also is fascinating: from solid, 10th century medieval buildings to sophisticated, neo-gothic castles and chateaus available for sale today in France.

      Whether you decide to buy luxury, French properties in Cannes, Nice, or Marseille, JamesEdition offers the best luxury real estate in France for even the most selective buyer.