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Luxury Homes for Sale in Seychelles

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Real estate for sale: luxury villas and coastal homes

Looking for your dream home in the Seychelles?
Discover our definitive selection of the best real estate: villas, coastal homes and modern houses for sale in the Seychelles

Usually described as “Eden on Earth,” the Seychelles form a bright, island paradise: turquoise waters; long, clear, white beaches; gigantic palms; and a unique, secluded atmosphere all around.

An archipelago of 115 islands, the Seychelles boast some of the most luxurious resorts and real estate rentals in the world. Those interested, however, in actually buying or investing in property will find a wide variety of real estate, houses, and homes for sale in the Seychelles as well.

The real estate market is diverse. You’ll find luxury beach homes, modern holiday houses for sale, and also commercial real estate. On JamesEdition, under the guidance and help of attentive real estate companies and agents, you can find and buy the best houses listed for sale in the Seychelles.

La Digue Island: the best of the Seychelles real estate for sale right now

The third-largest and most populous (2800 inhabitants) island in the Seychelles, La Digue enjoys a sense of complete seclusion and a fusion with nature on an almost molecular level.

No airport exists on this island, and it seems as if no one is ever in a rush. If you are looking for a slow, beach lifestyle, Seychelles’ real estate listed for sale here may be precisely what you are searching for.

The island’s property market is expansive and includes a variety of true, luxury, Seychelles-style homes and houses for sale, as well as slightly cheaper real estate opportunities.

Mahé Island: fantastic homes for sale on the Seychelles’ main Island

A short ferry ride from La Digue, is the main--and the largest island of the Seychelles: Mahé. A huge Creole cultural and social hub, Mahé offers an authentic Seychellois Creole lifestyle. We highly recommend taking a closer look at the homes and houses listed for sale in this vibrant part of the Seychelles.

Sports lovers will be pleased to know that, on Mahé, there are plenty of opportunities for numerous kinds of activities (e.g., rock climbing, scuba diving, and kayaking).

When speaking of the Mahe Island area, it would be remiss not to point out the most exceptional living opportunity of the whole archipelago: Eden Island. This island was artificially created and is renowned for its privacy, tranquility, fantastic beauty, and exclusivity. Eden Island has some of the best real estate listings in the Seychelles; so, when considering buying a home in the Seychelles, we definitely recommend perusing real estate in Eden Island.

Praslin Island: the best oceanside houses for sale in the Seychelles

By taking a ferry from Victoria City from the Seychelles' largest island of Mahé, you can easily reach Praslin Island.

Considered one of the most magnificent destinations on the planet, Praslin Island is one of the most beloved and popular islands among travelers as well as among luxury property buyers.

Gorgeous beaches, turquoise lagoons, fantastic lush jungles all around--all of these make the island a sought-after area for both real estate development and investment. A large portion of Seychelles houses, homes, and other real estate for sale can be found here, including fantastic long-term rental opportunities.