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    Luxury Homes for Sale in San Diego, California, United States

    231 listings

    Luxury Homes for Sale in San Diego, California, United States - FAQ

    • Homes for sale in San Diego, CA, United States have an average listing price of $1,944,786 and range in price between $552,702 and $26,742,061. The average price per square meter is $746/sqft.
    • The most expensive home for sale in San Diego, CA, United States is a 10,300 sqft house with a listing price of $24,690,009.
    • The largest home for sale in San Diego, CA, United States is a $12,716,511 estate with a size of 25,770 sqft.

    Find your dream home for sale in San Diego, California

    There are currently 223 luxury homes for sale in San Diego on JamesEdition. JamesEdition can help you find the home that match all the preferences for your dream home. Use filters and narrow your search by price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and amenities to find homes that fit your criteria. Click on listings to see photos, amenities, price and much more.

    The average price of a home in San Diego is 1,944,786 USD, and range in price between 552,702 USD and 26,742,061 USD. The most popular property types are House (175 listings) and Condo (29 listings).

    On JamesEdition you can find luxury homes in San Diego of any size between 1 and 9 bedrooms with an average of 243 ㎡ in size.

    Popular locations around San Diego that also could be worth exploring are Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, San Jose, CA, Newport Beach, CA and Napa, CA.

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    Perched perfectly on the Pacific Coast and affording an amazing quality of living, San Diego has a great reputation among residents and visitors alike.
    Beautiful beaches and warm climes provide a wonderful setting for anyone looking for a new luxury home, from stunning historic properties to modern mansions.
    The county of San Diego offers plenty of options for property investors and those looking for a fantastic second home. San Diego County is the second-most populous in California and the fifth-most populous in the whole of the USA.
    It's not hard to understand why the area has such a good reputation. Thanks to its sunny skies and beautiful beaches, San Diego is renowned for outdoor living. Residents have the chance to indulge in every kind of sport and outdoor pursuit, from surfing and kayaking to hiking and cycling.
    There are also plenty of urban pastimes to enjoy, including designer shopping in Fashion Valley and upscale fine dining opportunities.
    Finding luxury homes for sale in San Diego is straightforward, as the variety available ensures buyers have plenty of choice. Looking for a modern downtown condo, million dollar homes with acres of private land or a unique waterfront mansion? San Diego has something to offer even the most discerning buyer.

    San Diego Luxury Real Estate

    The luxury property market in San Diego is thriving, with sales volumes having reached just under $50 billion per annum. It’s a rich and ripe property market with many opportunities for high-net-worth individuals to invest in the exceptional quality of property.
    Our research shows the average price of a home in San Diego is $1,424,384. Prices range from $505,961 at the lower end to $49,000,000 at the higher end.
    There is a wealth of different types of property with many sought-after and high-end features for buyers. Real estate stock in San Diego covers sprawling, old, historic mansions, modern apartments and classic condos. The diversity of the landscape also means buyers can find oceanfront properties, as well as those with spectacular views of the beaches, mountains, cliffs and more.
    Exploring San Diego gives investors the chance to pinpoint their favorite areas and find the kinds of property that most appeal to their tastes.
    Beach neighborhoods are undoubtedly popular. But suburban towns and communities also have their appeal due to the peace and security they offer. Those looking to live in the heart of the action can also consider the busier city areas, with high-rise apartments and stylish penthouses available.
    The San Diego luxury real estate sector is in high demand, with properties of all sizes appealing to investors, as well as buyers looking for their dream homes.

    Luxury Homes for Sale in San Diego

    San Diego has many in-demand neighborhoods and areas for prospective buyers to explore. Let's look more closely at some of the most popular areas and their best features.
    Del Mar is renowned worldwide for its exceptional beaches, spectacular sea views and a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. It is popular with people of all ages, particularly beachgoers and surfing enthusiasts.
    The Del Mar Farmers Market is known across California, and the area also plays host to exquisite fine dining restaurants.
    A little south of Del Mar, you’ll find the high-end affluence of La Jolla California. La Jolla is renowned for its prosperity, and property prices in the area reflect this. Wonderful weather and white sandy beaches are the perfect tonic for busy city life.
    In fact, three sides of La Jolla are flanked by sand. Its beautifully-appointed beachside properties are particularly in high demand.
    Buyers looking for one of the wealthiest areas in San Diego should consider the gated communities of Rancho Santa Fe. The area offers high-end suburban living. However, it is still just a few miles from the ocean and around 25 miles from the city center of San Diego. This offers residents the perfect balance.
    Moreover, Rancho Santa Fe is home to multiple private golf courses. There are also the high-end amenities you’d expect in similar communities such as Bel-Air or Malibu.
    Popular but still offering elegant, high-quality properties, Point Loma offers residents year-round views of the awe-inspiring Sunset Cliffs. The charming seaside neighborhood is perfect for anyone looking for a slower, more relaxed pace of life.
    Point Loma is known for its exceptional seafood restaurants and working marina, with daily sports fishing and whale watching opportunities.
    Across from Point Loma is the neighboring peninsula of Coronado, a resort city in San Diego bay which offers amenities aplenty. Known as the "crowned city", the area is most famous for its Victorian-era Hotel del Coronado.
    This iconic establishment has welcomed celebrities, royalty and US presidents throughout its long history. More generally, the area has beautiful beaches for sunbathing and surfing, plenty of upscale and casual dining options. There are also various events held throughout the year. All this makes it ideal for families looking for a residential, community feel.
    Another affluent neigborhood buyers won’t want to miss is Mission Hills, one of the oldest and most historic areas of San Diego. The properties here have a classic charm and craftsman-style appearance, which attracts buyers from all over the world.
    Mission Hills is an established neighborhood with a great reputation and fantastic location. Many of the area's most popular attractions, including Hillcrest, Bankers Hill and Balboa Park, are just a 10 minute drive away.
    San Diego has many up and coming communities and neighborhoods, as well as those with an established reputation. They provide potential homebuyers with plenty of choice when looking for the ideal location for their next home.

    San Diego Mansions for Sale

    High-end mansions with private swimming pools and other sought-after amenities are in ample supply in San Diego. According to data gathered by JamesEdition, the most popular property type in San Diego is houses, with condos following close behind. The houses available come with a wide range of coveted features including terraces, private gardens, garages and more.
    The average luxury property for sale measures 182㎡. Meanwhile, the range of properties ensures buyers can shop around before making a final decision. The availability of San Diego mansions for sale fluctuates throughout the year. But there are still plenty of opportunities to find a large property with every feature desirable.
    San Diego remains a great investment for prospective buyers and those looking to extend their portfolio. Property prices are relatively high, as are rental yields, making it an attractive investment option for the buy-to-let market, too.
    The area offers a perfect blend of beaches, urban centers and relaxing countryside. Homeowners can access everything they could wish for with ease.