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Luxury Homes for Sale in Portugal

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JamesEdition currently lists 20,786 homes for sale in Portugal.

Luxury homes in Portugal have between 1 and 60 bedrooms and averages 230 ㎡ in size.
The most popular property types are Apartment (7,590) and House (7,267).
Listing price of these homes is between 490,538 USD and 47,373,265 USD with the average price being 986,943 USD.

Searching for luxury property for sale in Portugal?
You’ll find luxury properties for sale in Portugal ranging from houses to apartments, villas, estates, farms, land, and more

Portugal – which shares 1/5th of the Iberian peninsula with Spain – is a small, rectangular-shaped country nestled within the southwest corner of Europe. Visitors to this history and culture-rich country love the fact that they can visit most of the tourist sights over a small amount of time and people choosing to buy property here also benefit from the fact everything is within close reach. The returns on investment for houses for sale in Portugal are well worth the expense and the country is a hot tourist destination known for its luxurious beaches and landscapes, enviable climate, delicious food, and friendly atmosphere.

Many luxury homes for sale in Portugal

The country of Portugal is approximately the size of Indiana state, with a length of 349 miles north to south and 135 miles east to west at its widest. Despite this, there is actually a bit of variance between the climate of the north and south of the country, so it’s worth remembering that when searching for homes for sale in Portugal; although, the whole country is considered to have comfortable Mediterranean weather.

Homes for sale in south Portugal

From Lisbon and the Lisbon Coast down through the regions of Alentejo and Algarve, you’ll enjoy sunny, dry, and warm weather during the summer months and wet but still mild winters. This spectacular weather – along with gorgeous beaches and a bustling atmosphere – is what makes southern Portugal the country’s primary tourist destination. Whitewashed buildings and an old-town feel attracts buyers and investors alike to this relaxing part of the world.

Homes for sale in central Portugal

North of the Lisbon Coast, the regions of Estremadura, Ribatejo, and the Beiras contain some of the country’s most historic regions. This area also boasts a diverse landscape of forests, rugged landscapes, and riverside villages, creating a boon for property investors and those hoping to settle down in paradise. While the weather is still extremely warm and pleasant during summer, you can actually go skiing atop the impressive Serra da Estrela mountaintops during winter.

Homes for sale in north Portugal

Within the regions of Douro, Tras-os-Montes, and the Minho, the weather is still lovely, but a bit cooler and wetter – especially during the winter months. This region of Portugal is profoundly historical and cultural, as well as diverse in both population and landscape, which is an attractive drawcard to visitors and residents alike. The popularity of this area to visitors makes it perfect for keen investors.

Homes for sale in the Portugal islands

Portugal has two island groups, all popular for their stunning landscapes and outdoor activities: the Azores and Madeira. The Azores is an archipelago of nine islands, dotted with breathtaking lagoons, volcano craters, fumaroles, and hot waterfalls, perfect for nature-lovers. The climate is a moderate marine climate that has regular rain and mild temperatures. Famous for its wine, the Madeira islands are subtropical, with usually dry weather all year round. Like the Azores, the Madeira islands attract visitors, residents and investors through its attractive homes and villas, outstanding natural beauty and many exciting indoor and outdoor activities.

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