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The Amalfi Coast (or Costiera Amalfitana) will take your breath away with its incomparable scenery and unique architecture. This colorful Italian coast is a part of the Campania region. It frequently is described as the living embodiment of the paintings by the most-recognized Italian marine and landscape artists.

A remarkable example of a Mediterranean landscape, it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of Italy's most sought-after destinations. This fantastic area is renowned for unparalleled views, blue lagoons, and authentic Italian seaside towns renowned for their picturesque seafronts nestled against dramatic hills.

When considering real estate on the Amalfi Coast, at first it may seem that all the cities and towns in this region are pretty similar to each other. A rich variety of distinct places emerge, however, based on preferred lifestyles and atmospheres.

On JamesEdition, the median price of houses for sale on the Amalfi Coast is about US$3.9M.

Amalfi Coast real estate: modern houses, historic homes, and investment properties for sale in Positano and Praiano

Situated on a picturesque hill, the Positano pastel, waterfront houses are the center of attraction. This is the most photographed and Instagrammable city on the coast and also is a luxury resort town. In terms of popularity, it can compete with Sorrento and the Island of Capri. So, if you prefer an ongoing, party-like atmosphere around, you inevitably will find yourself in Positano, while searching for properties for sale on the Amalfi Coast.

JamesEdition offers several homes in Positano: from apartments with the best coastal views right from the bedroom to gorgeous villas with stunning patios and pools.

Mere minutes from vibrant Positano sits the calm and charming fishing village of Praiano. There you’ll find the iconic Casa Angelina, a high-end hotel, boasting some of the best Amalfi Coast views. We highly recommend the venue for summer holidays in Italy.

Amalfi Coast real estate: modern houses, historic homes, and investment properties for sale in Conca Dei Marini and Maiori

If you are looking for perfect Amalfi Coast real estate on the region’s west side, we would recommend taking a closer look at either Conca dei Marini with its chill atmosphere or sunny Maiori with some of the best sandy beaches on the coast. Here, overlooking the province of Salerno, proudly sits the famous and luxurious Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa, providing unparalleled views from its stunning infinity pool.

Complete with fantastic beachside weather, it is an ideal place to buy--or at least to rent genuine Amalfi Coast houses and to fully enjoy the Italian, seaside lifestyle.

JamesEdition offers several homes in both towns, so you are certain to find something that suits your taste.