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Luxury Homes for Sale in Positano, Campania, Italy

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Real estate for sale: modern and historic houses

Looking for your dream home? Discover the definitive selection of luxury real estate in Positano, Italy: modern homes and historic houses for sale

A vertical city, an elite village, and the pearl of the Amalfi Coast--if not the entire Campania region of Italy. Positano has attracted people from far and wide for centuries with its unique, colorful, terraced houses among Bougainvillea flowers, endlessly blooming on rocky cliffs. The authentic Italian fishing village of Positano with its picturesque romantic panorama over the coast is nestled south of Sorrento.

With a population of around 5,000, the real estate market in Amalfi Coast--and particularly in Positano--is relatively small compared to Italy as a whole, which makes it simultaneously exclusive and expensive.

If you plan to buy a property in Italy, take a look at Positano’s charming houses put up for sale via JamesEdition.

Real estate market in Positano, Italy: where to buy top coastal property

As we mentioned before, the real estate market in Positano is narrow, which is common in southern Italy. Plus, the majority of the houses in Campania on both the Amalfi Coast (led by Positano and Solerno) and Capri primarily are sold to Italian buyers.

Property agents say that real estate prices in Southern Italy (which includes Positano) depend on how recently a particular home has been renovated. Location also matters; few people like to buy a property in a tourist hub, even in Positano or other well-known destinations in Italy. When searching for the perfect, luxury real estate here, we highly recommend taking a closer look at seafront villas and beach houses in the Fornillo neighborhood which is a secluded, family friendly, and calm beach area. For views over Amalfi Coast that are even better than those from the luxury villas TreVille and Oliviero or the Villas Boheme and Olimpia, consider the Montepertuso area which is at a slightly higher elevation.

Authentic southern Italy: historic houses and modern homes for sale in Positano

What could be more romantic than a honeymoon in Italy--or better yet--a wedding? The day after the wedding, breakfast on a Juliet balcony in one of the stunning mansions and villas of Positano (perhaps even with an infinity swimming pool) would complete this perfectly romantic picture.

Positano is an ideal town for buying a property in Italy. With its rich architecture, fascinating views, and restaurants serving one of the best cuisines in the world, an amazing and authentic experience of Italy is guaranteed.

In Positano, you can find Italian-style real estate for your taste: from famous historic houses to apartments with modern interior design. Even contemporary homes listed for sale in Positano boast unique Italian charm.

Within mere minutes of the best beaches of Amalfi Coast, this small city has become a sought-after spot for those looking for the best place to live in Italy. To sum up, when searching for one of the best houses for sale in Italy, we recommend Positano as a top consideration.

How to buy property in Positano, Italy and find the best homes for sale

When buying real estate in a place like Positano, we highly recommend working with professionals in the property field, so that they can explain the intricacies of Italian law. They will also help you to find the top real estate for sale and determine a fair cost in Positano, the Amalfi Coast, or elsewhere in Italy.

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