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Luxury Private Islands for Sale Worldwide

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Real estate for sale: private islands

Looking for your dream home? Discover our definitive selection of luxury private islands for sale

We all dream of a classic, private, get-away-from-it-all, island retreat, don't we?

White sand beaches. Turquoise blue water. Coconut palms. Tropical cocktails. Or rocky shores, picturesque cliffs, invigorating ocean breezes, and long walks.

Whatever types of private, luxury islands you dream of (or perhaps the perfect private island for sale that you are looking for right now), whether they are located in the Caribbean and South Pacific, the USA and Canada, or Europe and the UK -- JamesEdition has them all.

You can buy a private island online with the help of a variety of highly trusted, responsive private island brokers and agents on our website. If you are interested in learning price ranges, what your favorite island costs, and how to buy a private island in 2020, then take a look at our new article.

Luxury, private islands listed for sale in the Caribbean

The greatest pleasure in life is lying on a beach with a fresh cocktail, enjoying the smooth flow of life, and watching the ocean from your very own private, luxury island, right?

The Caribbean’s volcanic origin gave birth to over 7000 unbelievably beautiful islands, each with a unique character and atmosphere. The Bahamas, for instance, represent a rich variety of perfect, tropical, private islands beloved by billionaires -- partly because of their ideal location: northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands, southeast of the US state of Florida, and east of the Florida Keys.

When searching for a perfect, private, luxury island for sale within the Caribbean, we highly recommend taking a closer look at Exuma, one of the most desirable districts in the Bahamas.

Another ideal destination to buy a private island is Belize, a breathtakingly gorgeous country in Central America, to the east of the Caribbean Sea. Or even neighboring Panama, which has several, fantastic, private, luxury islands you can buy in the Caribbean.

Fantastic private islands set for sale in the USA

As the most diverse country in terms of culture, landscape, and geography, the USA offers a wide variety of private islands for sale. From the largest, resort-like Islamorada, Duck Key and Conch Key within the Florida Keys, and islands of the Hawaii region, to the smallest and most affordable private islands in Connecticut and Minnesota, here you will definitely find a place that you love.

And if you prefer a more northern lifestyle, when searching for the most suitable luxury island for sale in the USA, you could consider the state of New York which is close to the Canadian border, or the northern states of Wisconsin and Michigan nearby. And if you wish to go even further north, in Alaska, there are remote and beautiful private, luxury islands for sale.

For the most sophisticated buyer, there even is a chance for you to buy one of the most expensive, private, luxury islands near Manhattan.

The best, private, luxury islands possible to buy in Canada

Speaking of the North, you’ll be pleased to know that, in Canada, you can buy a variety of private islands. We highly recommend taking a closer look at the Great Lakes Basin, which is divided between Canada and the USA. The region is as striking and marvelous as it is huge; its territory is comparable in size to the United Kingdom. The vast expanse of territory means that your odds of finding the perfect, private, luxury island for sale here are high.

When searching for your ideal, private, northern land, don’t forget the Nova Scotia region. And if you want to combine the privacy of a luxury island with lively and vibrant big city life, then Ontario or Vancouver may appeal to you.

Gorgeous private islands listed for sale in Europe and the UK

The diverse and geographically rich European continent has much to offer as well. When searching for your very best, secluded retreat, take a look at private, luxury islands listed for sale in Europe.

These islands range from the colorful, southern, largest private islands with their stunning mansions to buy in the Mediterranean (especially in Greece and Croatia) to fully secluded and literally hidden northern private islands for sale in Norway.

And if you turn your attention to the British Isles, you’ll find elegant England, distinctive Scotland, and charming Ireland where you might find a private, luxury island listed for sale along with a gorgeous, medieval castle.

Exclusive private islands you can buy in the South Pacific

If you dream of waking up next to the ocean, being in touch with nature, and spending your vacations on one of the stunning, private islands in the South Pacific, there are plenty listed for sale.

The South Pacific represents a unique chance to escape from everyone--and not just to a magnificent and private, luxury island somewhere in the middle of the ocean--but to the most untamed yet calmest parts of the planet: Australia or New Zealand, for instance. Nature in this part of the world is incomparable with anywhere else, which makes the land attractive to buyers from all over the globe.

If the islands around these two countries do not seem far-flung enough, take note of Fiji, located a little to the east between Australia and New Zealand. Fiji is a unique, natural area famed for its fascinating landscapes, white sand beaches, and coral reefs with turquoise lagoons.

Or, if you are more into an Asian atmosphere, we highly recommend taking a look at private, luxury islands listed for sale in the Seychelles and Philippines as well as the beloved and popular Maldives.