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10 McLaren 675 LT for sale

The 675 LT is a track-focused evolution of the 650 S from McLaren. LT stands for Long Tail. The car was first shown to the public in 2015 during the Geneva Motor Show. McLaren claims that the 675 LT is the lightest, most driver- focused and most exclusive series- production supercar ever built by McLaren. The 675 LT accelerates in 2.9 seconds from 0- 100 km/h. Therefore, the 675 LT is 0.1 seconds faster than the 650 S. The top speed of the car is 330 km/h. Moreover, the 675 LT was featured on the TV show Top Gear where the McLaren 675 LT became the fastest production car on the test track of Top Gear. With 1:13.7, the McLaren 675 LT was faster than the Pagani Huayra with 1:13.8. 

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