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19 Aston Martin Vanquish for Sale

Introduced in 2012, the Aston Martin Vanquish is Aston Martin’s recent top model and it is mostly built from carbon fibre and aluminium to reduce weight. The Vanquish’s interior is inspired by the one from the One-77 and you can get the Vanquish as coupe or convertible, traditionally called Volante.
In 2014 the Vanquish got an upgrade which included a new transmission and powertrain but nothing visible. In 2016 Aston Martin renewed the infotainment system and also released the Vanquish S, a stronger, more sporty version of the Vanquish. 
In 2016 Aston Martin also presented the Vanquish Zagato Concept to show the over 50-year-old cooperation between the Zagato design studio and Aston Martin. In mid-2016 Aston Martin confirmed that there are going to be 99 Vanquish Zagatos. The first ones have been delivered to their customers in the beginning of 2017. In late 2017 Zagato also presented a convertible version which is going to be built another 99 times.