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What makes a MG special?

An absolute iconic maker of fine British sportscars, especially of the two-seated variety, MG was originally the result of the collaborative efforts between the Morris Motor Company and legendary car designer Cecil Kimber. Commonly referred to as the absolute cream of its day, MG has left a distinct mark in history with both their classic designs and feats in racing.

Who drives a MG?

Classic sports cars go well with that classic auto elegance of yore, like a pair of Tod's and driving gloves. Some feel that sort of behaviour is drivel, others realize that there are
cars you just hop into and drive off. And then there's MG. Cars you treat with respect, like they deserve.

Exclusivity & Rarity

A classic MG does not come cheaply, and while MG cars continue to be manufactured, some feel that the marque has changed hands of ownership so many times that it's almost a different brand. Thusly, it would be wise to invest in a vintage piece in good condition - if you can find one.