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Based heavily on the Enzo Ferrari, the Maserati MC12 has nonetheless a different body which allows for greater downforce. It was developed while Maserati was owned by Ferrari which explains the similarities. The price during the production run was €600,000, which was limited to 50 produced overall. It was produced to allow Maserati to enter racing competitions after a 37-year lapse, which produced a win at the Zhuhai International Circuit.

Limited to just 50 customers, you’ll have to wait until one of them places their used luxury sports car for sale. Fortunately, JamesEdition is an ideal place to check, especially if you’re enticed by interior features such as blue leather or silver Brightex, a material found to be ‘too expensive for the fashion industry’. If there is anywhere on the internet you can buy one, it is right here.

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Maserati MC12

Maserati MC12

2005 Maserati MC12

2005 Maserati MC12

( SOLD ) 2005 Maserati MC12 Delivery Mileage

( SOLD ) 2005 Maserati MC12 Delivery Mileage

High Wycombe
€ 700.000
$ 862,554
3,168,077 د.إ
$ 1,121,365
$ 1,112,671
CHF 822,122
¥ 5,423,742
£ 614,703
$ 6,769,853
5.211.467 kn
$ 15,687,717
6.769.404 kr
49.207.780 ₽
7 195 957 kr
฿ 26,889,702
R 10,214,579

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