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2 Lancia Delta S4 for Sale

If a car’s name is a letter from the Greek alphabet like Delta or Ypsilon, then most probably this is Lancia. The company was founded over a hundred years ago in 1906 by Vincenzo Lancia in Italy. The brand is widely renowned by its style, personality and customization. Lancia have a long tradition in constructing passenger, sport and racing cars but also tried their hands at limousines or commercial cars. In motorsports, rallying appeared to bring Lancia the most successes as they got a total of 11 Championships. Now they produce only the Ypsilon supermini range and their vehicles are unfortunately no longer sold outside Italy. 

Who Drives Lancia Cars

The brand is famous for its innovative spirit, love for beauty and inspiring Italian design. Their classic models are considered to be one of the most stunning cars in the world. Most of the retro sport cars fans for surely dream about driving the iconic Lancia Stratos. Lancia models (especially Flaminia) were also popular among the greatest stars of the 60s and 70s such as Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Aly Khan or Marcello Mastroianni. If you value classic elegance and luxury, then these cars will make you feel the atmosphere of that time. 
Rare & Exclusive Lancia Cars

One of the most desirable Lancia models is a beautiful Lancia Zagato designed by the famous Italian design house Zagato. Another famous model is the first grand tourer, Lancia Aurelia in which the manufacturer introduced the V6 engine and the front engine rear transmission configuration which was later used by such high class automotive giants as Ferrari, Porsche or Maserati. A convertible Aurelia was also a ‘star’ of the cult Italian movie "The Easy Life" from the 60s. Motorsports enthusiasts should fall in love with the Lancia Stratos, a winning rally car from the 70s. Stratos along with Delta brought Lancia team the most victories in rallying races.