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Borrowing technology from the Enzo Ferrari, the Ferrari FXX increased displacement on the Enzo’s engine to 6,262 cc and boosted output to achieve a theoretical top speed of 400 km/h. In practice, the engine still produces an impressive 340 km/h. Over a two-year period starting in 2005, 30 were produced. To buy one, however, does not mean that a buyer can take this up the street to the grocery store. Instead, as part of the program of owning an FXX, you instead are allowed to drive it at the Ferrari factor on their special testing track. As such, it cannot be owned anywhere but Europe.

Finding one of these exclusive race cars used might seem quite a feat, but you can own one by finding it on JamesEdition. If Michael Schumacher, Ferrari’s F1 World Champion driver, decides to list his for sale, you can be certain to find it here for a competitive price. Although it isn’t street legal, you cannot pass up the opportunity to own one of the world’s fastest racing cars.