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What makes a Yahama special?

We love Yamaha. Long gone are the days where Japanese engineering was considered sub par to its Western counterparts. Today, buying technology from the Far East is not only something that one does in order to be cost-effective; it is often clearly superior. As is the case with Yamaha – the Japanese conglomerate with many cards up its sleeve that continues to push the boundaries of technology and performance. The philosophy is kando – constructing bikes that touch your heart at first glance as well as in the future.

Who rides a Yahama motorcycle?

The owner of a Yamaha does not put up with any nonsense. He or she demands a reliable bike that’s built to last. Why squander your money on anything else than performance? Yamaha is involved in every step of the process with an extraordinary fingerspitzengefühl – ensuring that the rider of a Yamaha bike is not getting anything less than the absolute premium.

Exclusivity & Rarity

Widely available to customers that want to pay a sensible price for great performance, the Yamaha enthusiast community prospers around the world. Owning a Yamaha shows that you aren’t willing to just throw money around on shallow things like brand names and so forth – you’re paying for the performance and skill involved in the creation of your bike. Your Yahama bike is a testament to this adeptness.