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Shelby or Shelby American, at present known as Carroll Shelby International, was originally founded in the United States in 1962 by Carroll Shelby as a custom car manufacturing company. Some of the most renowned performance cars produced by Shelby included Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT500, as well as Shelby GLHS (a modified and turbocharged Dodge Charger), the symbol of which is an acronym for ‘Goes Like Hell S'more’.

As for mutual collaboration in car development, Carroll Shelby worked together with AC Cars to bring AC Cobra, known as Shelby Cobra on the US market, into life. The car had a Ford V8 engine installed for which it was adjusted by AC Cars according to Mr Shelby’s direct specifications.

Carroll Shelby won the 24 Hours of Le Mans car race in 1959 as a driver, but it was the cooperation of Shelby, Ford and AC Cars that resulted in subsequent wins of the Shelby car, two years in a row, in 1966 and 1967.

At present, CSI manufacture performance vehicles such as Cobra 427 S/C, Cobra 289 FIA or Cobra 289 S/C and cater them as component vehicles (without engine and drivetrain) to a variety of dealers.

Who Drives Shelby Cars:
Knowing that Shelby cars are custom made and aimed at effective performance, it isn’t surprising that one of the people driving this make is Lewis Hamilton, a racing driver from England who won the Formula One World Champion title four times. The model he drives is 1966 427 Shelby Cobra. Another fan of the brand, and 1968 Mustang Shelby GT500 to be precise, is Bruce Willis, an actor and already an icon, doesn’t need an introduction.

Rarity & Exclusivity

In 2012 one of CSI’s subsidiaries was celebrating its 50th anniversary. On this special occasion, Shelby manufactured 50 black and gold GT500 Super Snakes that remain precious and desired assets for collectors.