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Morris Motors Limited, the predecessor of The British Motor Corporation, was founded in 1913 in Great Britain by William Morris, a former bicycle manufacturer with car trading skills. The company functioned under the name W.R.M. Motors till 1919. Morris firstly hired and repaired used cars until he started building his own automobiles, Morris Oxford the “bullnose” (a small two-seat car) and Morris Cowley (a two or four-seat larger car).
The years between World War One and Two were fruitful for Morris Motors which became the best-selling manufacturer on the British Isles, more favoured than Austin or Ford. In 1924, sport versions of Morris’s cars were introduced in Oxford under the brand name Morris Garage (MG). At that time the managing director of MG was Cecil Kimber who made a significant contribution to designing car bodies for Morris.
Another great success was a precursor of today’s MINI brand and that was Morris Minor (1928). Introducing the mini car was the right step during the depression period (late 1920s) which was difficult for all car manufacturers. However, it was the after-the-war redesign by Alec Issigonis that made Morris Minor so popular so that it was sold in over a million pieces.
In 1952 Morris Motors Limited merged with Austin Motor Company Limited forming British Motor Corporation. As a result, due to rebadging, similar cars drove under several different marques. For example, Morris Mini (British pop icon of 1960s) was also known as Austin Cooper, Austin Mini or Innocenti Mini. The last vehicles branded as Morris left an assembly line in the early 1980s and they were Morris Marina and Morris Ital.