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Jensen Motors Limited was a British manufacturer of sports cars created by Alan and Richard Jensen. Jensen Motors built specialist car bodies for major manufacturers alongside cars of their own design using engines and mechanicals of major manufacturers Ford, Austin and Chrysler. In 1957 the most famous mode of Jansen was built. The Interceptor was loved by businessmen and celebrities. The car was based on Austin components with a body built by Jensen and styled by Eric Neale. Production continued through 1957. Jensen later reused the name for a second-generation Jensen Interceptor which debuted in 1966 and was revived several times after that. Jensen Motors Limited was dissolved in 2011.

Who drives Jensen Motors Limited
The Interceptor was one of the most loved cars by Jansen Motors Limited, and the company proved adept at product placement, loaning Interceptors to sporting stars and celebrities in order to catch attention of the wealthy clientele interested in latest styles.  First well known  owner of Interceptor was World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Henry Cooper. After winning everyone of his fights during 1967 and being awarded “ BBC best sport personality of the year” he decided to treat himself to Jensen Interceptor. Henry thought that Interceptor was the smartest looking car on the road at that time, and after consulting with a friend -  Formula One driver John Surtees, who also advised on Interceptor over Aston Martin Cooper became an owner of his dream car. Among other famous owners of this iconic vehicle where also Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra and John Bonham.