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What makes a Harley Davidson special:

Being the oldest motorcycle brand in the world after Swedish Husqvarna, Harley Davidson is rich in history and legacy. Founded in 1903 and survivor of the Great Depression and two world wars says something about the staying power of the brand. Being an iconic American brand, Harley Davidson is a lifestyle more than a motorcycle.

Who rides a Harley Davidson:

You make a statement when riding a Harley. It can range from top executives of Fortune 500 companies to the lone rider influenced by the freedom of the road and the values of a rider. Harley Davidson has gone from being a small company to one of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers in 25 years time.

Rarity & Exclusivity:

Early Harleys are rare due to small production but newer models also represent with superior build quality and style. Holding its value well, a Harley Davidson is always considered one of the most exclusive motorcycles on the market and has positioned itself well at the top.