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Riding a Ducati is something else. The Bolognese company creates bikes with their own soul and character. A lot of companies, especially from the Far East, have a tendency to boast about the technical achievements of their respective bikes. However, at the end of the day, riding them can sometimes feel… flat. This is never the case with Ducati. Enthusiasts describe it as riding something beyond a simple motorbike – a certain charisma, if you will. A Ducati will never be outdated, with their unique desmodromic valve design lasting over 50 years!

Who rides a Ducati motorcycle?

The owner of a Ducati values the company’s unique way of combining race-winning performance with award-winning safety. He settles for nothing but the best, as Ducatis are competitive in every class of the game. We turn dreams into reality is the company motto, and it is true that Ducatis have a tendency to turn their owners into children of Christmas day.

Exclusivity & Rarity

An uncommon sight to be seen in the US, “Ducks” are sure to stand out in a crowd usually composed of Japanese bikes. It is said that while bikes from the Far East are something easily bought and sold, a Ducati isn’t something you easily get rid off. A life-long affair, if you will.