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1 2022 Brabus for Sale

Mostly known for their tunings and upgrades, Brabus is an expert in turning good into great. Their collaborations with automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Tesla or Ferrari lead to truly exceptional pieces, however not everyone knows that Brabus also put efforts to produce their own vehicles from the scratch. Any machine that drives out of their factories ensures highest engineering standards and signed German quality.
Who drives Brabus cars: Many individuals who want to have the car of their dreams have them customized in Brabus workshops. Canadian rapper Drake was the first person in North America to import and drive Brabus in there; his act was followed by famous playboy and Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian. Also famous model Petra Ecclestone drives upgraded Mercedes Benz G63 on the streets of London.
Rarity & Exclusivity: Each piece is custom made, therefore it provides with uniqueness and ability to customize for each owner. Depending on the purpose it can be upgraded for business and become a mobile office, or adjusted for most demanding drivers and become a super sports car.