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483 Zenith for sale

What makes Zenith watches special?
Founder Georges Favre-Jacot was a true visionary with high ambitions. Not only was Zenith the first brand to be manufactured under one roof, but they were also the inventors of visual merchandising, trying to create a uniform look for all their retail locations early on.
Thus Zenith stands for constant progress and challenges, revolutionising themselves and the whole industry in the process.

Who wears Zenith watches?
Zenith watches are for the witty mind, the revolutionary idealist and the visionaries. They are a symbol of precision and art, supporting decision-makers around the globe in their everyday life.

Rarity & Exclusivity:
Zenith is a global brand. However, their distribution is selective. Limited editions complement their selection of iconic and new models, always staying true to the innovative character and origin of the brand.

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