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What Makes Cartier Watches Special?
As the world’s most complete luxury brand, Cartier enjoys one of the most positive name recognitions on the planet. Most everyone knows that Cartier is the name of luxury – whose accomplishments with timepieces have led to world renowned designs such as the Pasha, Santos, and Tank. Wearing a Cartier has the power of instantly making you the envy of your audience. Pleasing shapes that celebrate the textures and form of steel and precious metals are at the heart of Cartier’s watch making finesse. 

Who Wears Cartier Watches?
It is common to see Cartier watches on the wrists of important and successful people across the globe. This means that social circles devoid of traditional watch lovers will still be able to appreciate the well-known luxury brand. A Cartier watch could never be described as a bad choice and is typically a good start to appreciating more complex timepieces as well as rounding out a choice watch collection.

Rarity & Exclusivity:
What makes Cartier watches so popular is their ubiquity in all realms of luxury. Their refined composure as a watch for the well-off makes them a clear indicator of status, which adds a dimension of exclusivity to their ownership experience. Most models are commonly acquired, though the brand does invest in some limited run and high complication timepiece novelties with a rareness that attracts collectors.