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What Makes Piaget Watches Special:

Nothing comes out of the house of Piaget without possessing two qualities; beauty and simplicity. Unknown to many fans, Piaget is a serious watch maker who constructs each of their own movements along with creating their famous pieces like the Polo and Emperador. It is one of the few superstar brands who is able to consistently produce critically acclaimed watches with remarkable designs. So it makes sense then that Piaget is actually the very definition of haute horlogerie, as well as haute joaillerie.

Who Wears Piaget Watches:

People who prefer that their watch be their only form of jewelry typically go straight for a Piaget watch, given the beauty of their timepieces as well as the brand’s famous jewelry line. Piaget watches are also known for offering incredibly thin mechanical timepieces, as well as serious designs with an emphasis on formality. Some modern pieces enjoy a sporty look, but no Piaget watch ever escapes becoming a timeless icons. For the sophisticated watch lover with simple refined taste, a Piaget is always a good choice.

Rarity & Exclusivity:

Given the smooth refined look of a Piaget watch you might not guess that they are hand-assembled in limited numbers. New models are often released months after they are first announced with the brand never quite being able to meet the high world demand. In some circles a Piaget watch is the ultimate status symbol, while for most fans it is the effortlessly good looking watch that will improve your style and your mood. 

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