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What Makes Rolex Watches Special?
You want a Rolex watch, even if they don’t know why. Welcome to the allure of the most powerful watch brand on the planet. It started with a name (Rolex) meant to be pleasant to say in most any language - who today invests heavily in careful perfection of their iconic timepieces. The modern Rolex Company is totally independent from all other watch brands making all their own movements and components. Rolex watches are truly designed with a purpose and to be practical, while being luxurious at the same time. Consider them the easiest luxury watches to live with. 

Who Wears Rolex Watches?
From the new rich to the fanatic watch collector, the only tie among Rolex owners is their appreciation for a truly well made watch. The Submariner, Daytona, and DateJust line enjoy the highest demand, while classics like the GMT Master, Day-Date, and Cellini help round out a line of timepieces classics that rarely change much. Rolex really does have something for everyone, and it is a brand perfect for a novice watch lover hesitant about making a purchase decision. 

Rarity & Exclusivity:
Rolex watches are probably the most collectible watches in the world because they hold value better than Patek Philippes watches, even though the world has a larger volume of Rolex watches. There was a time when certain Rolex watches were absolutely unattainable unless you were on a watch dealer’s short VIP list. Today, Rolex is the most widely distributed luxury watch on the planet, and while they are common, demand is so high discounts are rare.