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What makes Richard Mille watches special?
Richard Mille stands for innovation and expertise. Whenever the brand embarks on the development of a new creation, decisions are always made based on what is considered the technically best option. For Richard Mille, creating a holistic relationship that unites the interior and exterior of each watch, is at the essence of the philosophy of watchmaking.

Who wears Richard Mille watches?
Richard Mille watches aren't for everyone. The company regularly partners with athletes from different disciplines and makes an effort to support individuals that represent their values. If you are looking for a wearable piece of luxury innovation and technical finesse, Richard Mille is the brand for you.

Rarity & Exclusivity:
Each Richard Mille is exclusive and rarely seen. In addition to its permanent collections, the brand also offers limited editions and masterpieces, adding to the exclusive character of the brand.