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What Makes IWC Watches Special?
The notion that simplicity is best when it comes to making a perfect watch, is the going philosophy at the International Watch Company (IWC) – a maker of modern classics. Ironically enough, IWC was started by an American in Switzerland in 1868. Today, the brand whose focus is clearly on making the best functioning watches is part of the lauded Richemont Group of watches, and continued to make timepieces for demanding professionals with distinction.

Who Wears IWC Watches?
The transition to wrist watches from pocket watches came with IWC’s desire to make watches for aviation professionals. Since then, pilots often go to IWC as their timepiece of choice simply because they function best under aviation conditions. With today’s technology, it is the heritage behind IWC watches that is the true allure, but the company never stops innovating with the creation of high quality, attractive watches with durable character.

Rarity & Exclusivity: 
IWC is another lucky brand with legions of fans and collectors. Early timepieces have high demand, as do examples of IWC’s high complication calendar watches. The most popular models lines are the Portuguese, Aquatimer, and various Pilot watch varieties. The most complex IWC watches are very hard to come by, though each model is often in high demand. IWC, the tool watch for the tasteful, is a frequently favored watch, and owning one is a rich experience – the key effort being a match between your lifestyle with the ideal IWC model.