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53 Chronoswiss for sale

What makes a Chronoswiss special?

At a quick glance, Chronoswiss seems rather odd from a business stand point. First of all, despite the name, it's a German company. Nothing wrong with that (one
could rate some of the more high-profile German companies as not only competitive with, but almost superior to their Swiss counterparts), just an odd choice for a
name. Another odd choice was the time when the company was founded (early 1980s) with an ambition of becoming one of the makers of the most extraordinary
timepieces around. A vision that these days would be nothing suprising, but it's wise to keep in mind that the watch industry was still in the middle of the quartz
crisis. In fact, it's interesting to note that Chronoswiss was founded at around the same period as the very saviour of the Swiss watch industry - Swatch - but
ultimately choose a different, and to us, more adventurous path. All these things just attribute to how impressive Chronoswiss as a company is, a tale of obstacles overcome.

Who wears a Chronoswiss?

A Chronoswiss wearer is first and foremost a watch geek. Who else would actually wear a tourbillon? Or a regulateur? Or better yet, a combination of both?
Combining the very best in movement technology with a classic sense of style, Chronoswiss is clearly a winning recipe.

Exclusivity & Rarity

Intentionally limiting their annual production to no more than 7000 watches per year, Chronoswiss sets out to be the very defintion of rare and exclusive.

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