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6 Bedat for sale

What makes Bedat special? The brief but extraordinary history of Bedat is just too adorable. Founded by Simone Bèdat and her son, Christian, the pair had a common past at Raymond Veil before creating the family business in 1996, and Bedat is the fruit of a tree that has its roots in two different generations of watchmakers. The result is a brand with an exciting, contemporary take on the art deco design of the roaring 1920s.


Who wears a Bedat? If your idea of elegance in something sleek like Cartier but you require a bit more chutzpah in the design department (without going into Franck Muller territory), Bedat is definitely the watch for you.

 Exclusivity & Rarity Tight distribution and low production numbers is the old family recipe that Bedat relies on. Take some classic designs with that special touch that sets the company apart and you have a winner.

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