E.C. OnlyOne P8 (One-Off) Price On Request

E.C. OnlyOne P8 (One-Off)
E.C. OnlyOne P8 (One-Off)
E.C. OnlyOne P8 (One-Off)

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Car Details

  • VAT Type: VAT Included
  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Ferrara, Italy
  • Power: 600 ps (447 kw)
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Fuel type: Petrol
  • Color: Yellow
  • Car type: Race Car
  • Drive: Lhd
  • Engine: 8 Cylinder
  • Drive train: Rwd
  • Interior color: Black
  • Condition: New

Car Description

E.C. OnlyOne can make any kind of one-off car, the only limit is the vision and the budget.

In the era of the speed democracy, we recuperate the art of driving. 
Rather than increasing the weight with PlayStation gadgets to let everybody cruising decently, I dramatically reduce the weight of the car. 
We have a manual six-gearbox, racing steel breaks, naturally aspirated engine; the ABS and the Traction Control have two knobs of twelve positions each, that allows choosing as in race, the combination that better suits the driver. 
The design of the car is inspired at the time when racing cars were for men, without splitters and wings we achieve a significant ground effect. 
The doors are gull-wings to facilitate the access in the car; the cockpit has been studied to be not just comfortable but efficient, the driver seat is different than the passenger one. 
The performance of my car is strictly related to the mechanical sensitivity of the driver and eventually expresses precisely the driver real level of speed. For this reason, I highly suggest spending a day with us in the most historical Italian road circuit (Futa and Mugello Stradale) to better understand the entire potential of the prototype. 
My unique voiture pretends to be the only touchable experience of the era when races were associated with the art of driving. 
My grandfather and my father were both racing drivers since 1930, I have been a racing driver as well: my first 24 Hours of Le Mans was in 1972 when my father started third overall in the grid and I do remember very well the atmosphere of those days. 
All the technicians in my garage are at least the second generation in Motor Sport. 
It is possible, as we demonstrate in my racing voiture, to recreate the intensity, the thrill, the commitment, the noise, the flavor of the 1970s Mondiale Marche; the prototype, entirely made by hand in my atelier and garage, is road legal, registered, with a plate number. 
Enea Casoni


• Engine power: 600 HP at 8640 RPM 
• Fuel: petrol 
• Interior: aluminium, carbon, leather, alcantara - entirely hand-made 
• Electronics: traction control - 12 positions from full wet to 0 
abs - 12 positions from full wet to 0 
• Gearbox: 6 front-shift gears + reverse; pull-lever activated 
• Clutch: copper, pedal-activated 
• Fly by wire throttle: fully programmable mapping 
• Suspension/shock absorbers: custom-made by hand 
adjustable inbound-rebound & preload springs 
• Brake disks: steel with adjustable F/R BIOS 
anterior dimensions: 380mm 
posterior dimensions: 355mm 
• Seatbelts: 4 points 
• Fire extinguisher system in cab & push-button 
power-opening hood 
• Comfort: air conditioning, lift + 60mm, parking sensors, rear-view camera 
• Gull-wing doors 
• Car made entirely in Italy - Modena 
• Full homologation and road legal registration

• Bodywork: aluminium/carbon - entirely hand-made 
• Chassis: aluminium 
• Roll bar: molybdenum chrome 

• Weight: 1200 kg 
• Length: 4570 mm 
• Wheelbase: 2600 mm 
• Front axle track 1950 mm 
• Rear axle track 1890 mm 
• Maximum width: 2030 mm 
• Height: 1080 mm 
• Front tyres: 245/35 r19 
• Rear tyres: 285/35 r19 
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