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Golden Land Goutos

Asklipiou 1, Poseidonos Avenue, 16673, Athens, Greece
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Golden Land Goutos
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Golden Land Goutos Porto Heli
Golden Land Goutos
Golden Land Goutos Athens
Golden Land Goutos
About Golden Land Goutos
In Golden Land Goutos, with more than 50 years of experience in Greek Real Estate, we specialize in the field of Premium properties, in the area of the Southern Suburbs of Athens and the magnificent Porto Heli. Additionally, we promote unique properties in very particular geographical locations all over Greece. Our goal is to reveal the value of the properties that we represent exclusively, by providing a full package of investing proposals, always for the benefit of our demanding clientele. In Golden Land Goutos we take under serious consideration the location of the estate, along with its potential to develop as an investment opportunity. The committed efforts of the founders of our company throughout these years, Evangelos and Constantinos Goutos coincide perfectly with the development of the wider area of Porto Heli and its revelation to one of the most attractive tourist destinations in continental Greece.