Success stories

Thousands of buyers, dealers and interested browsers use JamesEdition every day, here are some voices from the crowd.

In February 2010 we joined JamesEdition on a full Premium, 6 months membership. In August we extended this membership for a further 6 months and we have now just taken out a full 12 months subscription. So, as you can see, JamesEdition is working for us.

Although we are one of the sole Eurocopter agents in Sweden and Finland we also offer services to our clients to locate the best helicopters on the market or to bring their aircraft to the notice of potential buyers, which is where JamesEdition is of great help. Our focus on Eurocopter certainly positions us at the luxury end of the market, which fits perfectly with JamesEdition.

We have been known around the world for our aircraft and services and JamesEdition has helped us increase our brand recognition and cement our relationship with existing clients. Thank you JamesEdition.

Johanna Rebillon, Marketing Manager, Savback Helicopters

We have been a part of JamesEdition since the beginning but only since we really started to give attention to our listings and making sure that our ads were up to date and good looking, this beautiful website started to give us good results and sales.

Sadullah Yalcin, Owner and CEO of Cologne Watch Center

JamesEdition has quickly become a must-have in the world of high-end watches. In less than 6 months we've sold a number of watches to new clients all over the world via JamesEdition. The combination of a great-looking website, focus on high-end products and great customer service is unbeatable

Monique Burger, Juwelier Burger
After inquiries from 3 different countries it took us less than one month to sell our first watch on! This really is a good and promising start. Reaching an international visibility for Arum will mean more opportunities for us to secure business with our offers of service and large experience. Guillermo Cuadrado, owner of Arum Jewelry and Watches in Madrid, Spain