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We've had the best responses from our ad [Gulfstream G450] with you

Kimberly Esposito - Independent Equipment Company, an Alta Group Company

A quick note to let you know I have just renewed my JamesList ad subscription for the coming year. The calibre of JamesList visitors both here in the States and worldwide, is a perfect match for the collector cars I have in inventory and is the reason I use JamesList over the hundreds and hundreds of auto-classified websites.

Stu Carpenter, Owner and Founder, Copley Motorcars

JamesList has been very helpful in getting me leads on our vast inventory of aircraft for sale. JamesList is particularly good at international leads. We find that JamesList is as valuable a resource as you can find in the area of aviation sales. We get great leads from real buyers.

David Fisher, Western Aviation

Jamelist is a visually impressive and cleanly designed platform in which to display a high-priced asset, and more importantly it delivers results. The ability to receive direct e-mails from interested purchasers is very important to my firm. The staff is also able to provide useful data to track the effectiveness of a given listing or advertisement. We will continue to utilize Jamelist as an ultra-luxury online marketplace.

Trayor Lesnock, President/Founder, Platinum Luxury Auctions

Jameslist has been a tremendous success for the launch of our luxurious eleMMent starting from the first day on. Everybody at Marchi Mobile is excited about all the reactions we are getting from around the world. Website activity has increased incredibly ever since we presented Marchi Mobile and the eleMMent on Jameslist – it just has been the perfect springboard for the product launch and definitely exceeded our expectations in a very positive way.

It was really easy to get started on Jameslist and the service and support from the team have been highly professional and reactive at all times. Truly a recommendable business platform for premium dealers and cutting-edge products in the luxury sector.

Mario Marchi, Owner and Founder, Marchi Mobile

I have the best opinion of your site, the traffic it generates and the great design. As a consequence of this, I as a real estate broker get inquiries. Above all, being a service company, I am impressed by the service you give your clients; it’s amazing!

Adriana Massa, Sales Manager, Argentina Properties Sotheby’s International Properties

It produced a significant number of visitors to the site in Google Analytics.

Graham Gooley, IMI Living for Kukuiula

In February 2010 we joined JamesList on a full Premium, 6 months membership. In August we extended this membership for a further 6 months and we have now just taken out a full 12 months subscription. So, as you can see, JamesList is working for us.

Although we are one of the sole Eurocopter agents in Sweden and Finland we also offer services to our clients to locate the best helicopters on the market or to bring their aircraft to the notice of potential buyers, which is where JamesList is of great help. Our focus on Eurocopter certainly positions us at the luxury end of the market, which fits perfectly with JamesList.

We have been known around the world for our aircraft and services and JamesList has helped us increase our brand recognition and cement our relationship with existing clients. Thank you JamesList.

Johanna Rebillon, Marketing Manager, Savback Helicopters

We have been a part of JamesList since the beginning but only since we really started to give attention to our listings and making sure that our ads were up to date and good looking, this beautiful website started to give us good results and sales. We are looking forward to 2011!

Sadullah Yalcin, Owner and CEO of Cologne Watch Center

Thanks to JamesList, we managed to get serious prospects in France and abroad. JamesList provides us more business opportunities. The Royal Automobile's Team is very thankful to JamesList.

Jean Paul GUILLET, Owner of Royal Automobil

After only 8 days of advertising on Jameslist.com I sold a green MG TD that was listed on the website. That was the first sale after I listed a few of my cars are on Jameslist.com, great performance. Thank you JamesList for the help in registering my cars on your website.

Richard Desurmont, Richard Desurmont Automobiles

I have just sold a LP640 Roadster to a buyer in Malaysia who saw my advert on the JamesList, The JamesList has already proven itself as a most powerful tool for attracting the correct type of clientele. The buyer flew into the Uk and viewed the car, placing a deposit immediately. I am currently having some bespoke features added to the car for the client and will then arrange shipping back to Malaysia for him. Thru this one deal I have met an amazing client who I will hopefully do lots of work for in the future. I must take a moment to thank my account Manager Travis, who has been a great help thus far and a warm and friendly voice down the phone, not just a person who only calls wanting money, he has called suggesting various options for me to maximise my company exposure and has listened to any suggestions I have had to make regarding the JamesList.

Carl Asaba, CEO, Zero Identity

JamesList promised to bring us new clients beyond the reach of our traditional marketing. Within 3 months of putting our yachts on JamesList, we closed a significant deal with a client halfway around the world. JamesList delivered.

Mark Turner, Marketing Manager at Premier Yachting

JamesList has quickly become a must-have in the world of high-end watches. In less than 6 months we've sold a number of watches to new clients all over the world via JamesList. The combination of a great-looking website, focus on high-end products and great customer service is unbeatable

Monique Burger, Juwelier Burger

After being a member for a week, I received three hot leads; and closed a deal for one of my top-end cars. Now that's what I call results

George Schaetz, Managing Director of Hans Schlund Automobile

JamesList provides us with an important channel to reach web-savvy consumers. In today's market, customers are taking exceptional care to do the best deals they can, tools like JamesList are exactly what buyers and sellers need right now

Sofia Lembrin, yacht broker at International Yacht Collection,

After enquiries from 3 different countries it took us less than one month to sell our first watch on JamesList.com! This really is a good and promising start. Reaching an international visibility for Arum will mean more opportunities for us to secure business with our offers of service and large experience.

Guillermo Cuadrado, owner of Arum Jewelry and Watches in Madrid, Spain

We are a large motorcycle dealer located in Texas USA, we have been in business since 1996. Our business has grown with the Internet age and particularly with JamesList. We have been with JamesList since inception. We recently upgraded to the unlimited plan and we are amazed at the inquires we are receiving from all parts of the word as well as the US. We have recently shipped bikes to Belgium, Norway, South Africa and Dubai. We have become the leader in motorcycle export sales, because we know how to ship worldwide, we remove the fear of motorcycle shipping. JamesList is money well spent!

Bob Luecke, Owner, American Motorcycle Trading Company