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Mangusta 105 for Sale

What makes Overmarine special?

If Italian luxury yacht maker Overmarine does not ring a bell, maybe their famous Mangusta line of boats will. The present day jewel of the shipmaker, the Mangusta 165 is currently the world's largest open yacht and is causing quite a bit of fuzz in the yacht world. A 33 knot top speed and no less than an engine output of 4556 hp has quickly made its maker famous.

Who owns an Overmarine yacht?

Lovers of top level design and performance with a soft spot for that Italian machismo approach to yacht construction will find little fault with Overmarine. And much like how the Italians has always acted, Overmarine combines an incredible attention to detail with just raw power that is designed to stand out and cause attention.

Exclusivity & Rarity

Toys like these don't come cheap, and they don't need to either. Overmarine are highly successful, yet never loses focus of what the real essence of luxury yacht making is; an unrivalled attention to the little things with an ambition to satisfy each and every client, making sure that you get the exact ship you want, every time.