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Boston Whaler for Sale

What makes a Boston Whaler special?

A real Massachusetts classic, Boston Whaler make solid boats that are claimed to be unsinkable - so much so that "whalers" are used by navi personel and coast guards all around the world (Boston Whaler themselves claim that their boats exceed the requirements of the American Coast Guard) . A "Guardian" model was recently chosen to be the test subject to see if the old slogan still held true - and boy did it. No less than 1000 rounds from a heavy-duty Barrett .50 caliber were not enough to sink the Whaler, proving once again the reliability of the company.

Who owns a Boston Whaler?

Boston Whaler attracts a massive following of loyal fans who feel that they simply are the best recreational boat ever produced, American or otherwise. Owning a whaler means that the owner is not willing to sacrifice quality and performance for anything.

Exclusivity & Rarity

Owning a whaler is the prerequisite for joining a community full of enthusiasts around the world who are devoted to the culture, care and preservation of Boston Whalers. Just don't forget that boating should be fun.