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Bertram for Sale

What makes a Bertram special?

"What happened on that gusty April day in the Gulf Stream and on across the clear, rough waters on the Bahama Bank would forever alter powerboating," reported Soundings magazine (May 1994). "The race was won by Moppie, a 30-foot wooden prototype designed by C. Raymond Hunt for Miami yacht broker Richard Bertram and named after Bertram's wife. With a constant 24-degree deadrise running fore and aft, Moppie ushered in the era of the modern Deep-V hull. The Ray Hunt design turned out to have a terrific ability in rough water, and it really set boatbuilding on its ear." The 1960 Miami-Nassau race was the first foray into powerboating by Bertram. Almost 50 years and one focus shift later, Bertram stands as one of the absolute premier makers of sport fishing yachts. Now a part of the prestigious Ferretti group, Bertram has grown to become one of the world’s most respected marine enterprises.

Who owns a Bertram boat?

Both amateur and professional fishing enthusiasts agree that Bertram makes some of the best boats in the field available. Whether you are a simple hobbyists or a fisherman by trade, Bertram is certainly not only a safe option, but also an innovative choice. Dedicated to bringing the absolute best in both performance and durability, Bertram is unlikely to disappoint, whatever your needs might be.

Exclusivity & Rarity

Zuccon International, long time partners of the Ferretti group, ensures out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to the layout and design of your Bertram. Clean, smooth and rounded lines distinguish Bertram interiors from all other sport fish yachts. Overall, Bertram is a sight to behold, setting them apart from your ordinary fishing  boats.