Biggest Mansion in Mohammed bin Rashid City, District 1, Dubai, $29,946,640. View Listing

One of the biggest mansions in Dubai with 8 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, and 33,500 sq. ft. (3,159 sq. m) of space hits the market in one of the most innovative city districts.

The $30-million property for sale by luxury real estate brokerage Manzel Kareem features stunning exterior and interior designs, a combination of Mediterranean architecture and Oriental motifs, and views over the turquoise-blue Crystal Lagoon of Mohammed bin Rashid City.

Mansion with Mediterranean-meets-Oriental flair

The mansion’s interiors are built in a refined pastel palette with extravagant use of marble; white and beige marble dominates the floors and also embellishes the grand staircase. The colossal staircase is one of the main accents of the home’s interior architecture; it boasts a Neoclassical bifurcated design, instantly attracting attention when you enter the spacious, two-story grand hall.



The grand staircase is one of the main accents of the home’s interior architecture.

Another striking architectural solution enhancing the sense of the home’s Mediterranean-meets-Oriental style is the arches which can be spotted throughout the house: from the arched ceiling of the grand hall to the arches found above the floor-to-ceiling double-and triple-glazed windows as well as those embedded in exterior elements.

While the first floor of the mansion is mostly occupied by the grand hall, the second floor accommodates master bedrooms with lagoon views and spa-like bathrooms, a spacious wardrobe (the size of a not-so-small boutique), a master kitchen with a dining space, and smaller baсk kitchens.



The mansion’s interiors are built in a refined pastel palette with a lot of marble and Neoclassical elements.

The large terrace facing the lagoon and pools is a perfect spot to watch the sunset but also has enough space to host a party or family gathering.

Last but not least, the mansion boasts a set of waterfront pools overlooking the distinctive green and blue coloring (i.e., vegetation and waterways) of Mohammed bin Rashid City.

Mohammed bin Rashid City, District 1: Dubai’s most tranquil high-end neighborhood

The property is located in a newly-developed, low-density luxury residential area in the heart of Dubai called Mohammed bin Rashid City; District 1 is the city’s most exclusive and elegant community.



The spacious terrace faces the lagoon, waterfront pools and Mohammed bin Rashid City districts.

A tranquil neighborhood, it is located minutes from Downtown Dubai and the city’s world-class landmarks and next door to distinguished leisure facilities including the likes oа Meydan Racecourse, a nine-hole golf course, 5-star luxury Meydan Hotel, and the New Meydan Mall.


Mohammed bin Rashid City. Image: Manzel Kareem.

Mohammed bin Rashid City was planned as a mixed-use development with its most luxurious enclave, District 1,  constructed in 2013. Today, it features mansions and villas with scenic panoramas of waterways and their neighboring lush, green corridors. The neighborhood’s 40-hectare Crystal Lagoon is the largest man-made lagoon in the world.

The mansion for sale is located in one of the best spots of District 1, which allows panoramic views over the lagoon and city skyline.

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