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Dubai, Dubi, 00000, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Manzel Kareem
Ayham Jbara
Manzel Kareem
About Manzel Kareem
Manzel Kareem is a leading Real Estate company focusing primarily on Corporate Investments with growth capital and private Property Management, and Build Luxury Properties for End Users

The company operates as a respected business partner of institutional clients and wealthy private investors internationally

Manzel Kareem is increasingly leveraging the opportunities that arise from property cycles . To spread risk and enhance performance, the company has a strict guidance of investing in a mix of uses, regions and property sizes.

Manzel Kareem Guides the Investors for Investments in logistics properties, shopping centres and business hotels in selected locations that offer the prospect of attractive returns over the medium and long term.

Manzel Kareem firmly believes that sustainable business practice goes hand in hand with economic added value and the viability of sustainable products over the long term. Introduction of Responsible Investment Policy sees sustainability considerations firmly anchored in Investment’s processes.


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