The one and only Testarossa Spider Pininfarina built by Ferrari in 1986 as a present for Fiat's former boss Gianni Agnelli.

Legendary Ferrari Testarossa Spider Pininfarina – one of the very few that we know of – is on the market via the JamesEdition Car Club from a trusted dealer.

What do we know about this car? And what makes a Testarossa Spider Pininfarina so special?

1. Testarossa or Testa Rossa? The “poster car” of teenage dreams


Ferrari Testarossa, the myth of ’80s. Despite demand from customers, Ferrari never produced an open version (Spiders) of the Testarossa. It was coupes and coupes only.

Ferrari built just 7177 Testarossas between the car’s extravagant debut in 1984 up until 1991, when the revised 512 TR and F512 M took its place.

  • Named after the highly successful 250 Testa Rossa (which means “red head” in Italian, in reference to the 250 engine’s red cam covers) racing car of the 1950s, the Testarossa was one of the most distinctive – and fastest – cars of its day.
  • With over 400 horsepower from its 4.9-liter flat-12 engine and its unmistakable side strakes, (jokingly referred to by some as “cheese graters”), few things on four wheels made as much of a statement as a Testarossa, even in the ostentatious ‘80s. And it still makes just as big of a statement today.
  • It’s right up there with the Lamborghini Countach in terms of the “poster cars” that most people only dreamed about. Many people remain captivated by the Testarossa over three decades later, and that is why the best examples are highly sought-after collectibles today.

Not all Testarossas are created equal, though, and just a handful out of those 7177 cars are even more special.

2. Not all Testarossas are created equal: a convertible question, Gianni Angelly and his Spider Valeo #62897 (1986)

  • Despite demand from customers, Ferrari never produced an open version (Spiders) of the Testarossa. It was coupes and coupes only.
  • Pininfarina, Ferrari’s favored coachbuilder and design house that penned the Testarossa, did officially produce one Spider for the company in 1986. But that was a special build to celebrate Gianni Agnelli’s 20-year chairmanship at Fiat, which owned 50% of Ferrari.
  • Otherwise, all Testarossas sold by Ferrari had a fixed roof.

3. A modern history of a Testarossa Spider: Straman, Koenig, Ranki and Pininfarina


Ferraris Testarossa Spider built by Straman

  • That said, aftermarket coachbuilders and shops were perfectly happy to oblige those customers who wanted top-down motoring in their Testarossa and who were willing to pay for it.
  • These firms included Koenig, Rankl and Straman.
  • But Pininfarina obliged a few customers as well and these are arguably the most desirable of the “unofficial” Testarossa Spiders, of which only two dozen or so are thought to have been built.
  • While cars didn’t come from the factory without a roof (these were regular Testarossa models), the conversions to Spider specifications were mostly very high-quality, expensive jobs that don’t look aftermarket at all.
  • The Spider body style makes the car look longer and accentuates the distinctive side strakes, plus it lets occupants feel the wind in their hair and hear the wail of the flat-12 behind their ears all that much better.

4. 1988 Testarossa Spider Pininfarina

Testa_Bild 1

1988 Testarossa Spider Pininfarina. View the listing

These very rare Testarossa Spiders hardly ever come to market, but one of the Pininfarina-built Spiders is for sale right now via the JamesEdition Car Club. And it’s impossible to know when the next opportunity to buy one of these cars will present itself.

  • Originally a 1988 Coupe finished in the classic colors of Rosso Corsa over black, it was converted in period by Pininfarina to Spider specifications and hasn’t been used much since.
  • The odometer reads just 3730 km (2318 miles) and everything down to the tires is all-original. But that doesn’t mean it has sat around unattended to.
  • Its condition is reportedly top-notch both mechanically and cosmetically, and the all-important documentation is in order as well, so it is ready to either enjoy, casually show, or round out a curated collection.

A Testarossa will stand out anywhere, but this one will stand out even more.

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