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Luxury Renovated Homes for Sale in India

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Real estate for sale: modern houses, rural homes, mansions, and more

Looking for your dream home in India?
Discover the definitive selection of the country's best houses, villas and mansions, and real estate market data.

The 2020 Knight Frank report ranks India first in the world for high-value population (i.e., individuals worth $30 million or more). This unique country is evolving into an attractive destination for investment in commercial and residential real estate.

In this article, based upon JamesEdition’s data, we'll show you existing real estate in India and prove which properties are most worthwhile.

Houses, residencies, and mansions in India: best home conceptions

Today, location is not the sole, defining consideration of luxury real estate in India. The type of property, exterior, and interior design has become crucial.

Western concepts of architectural beauty such as penthouses, duplexes, and contemporary, single-floor residences are becoming prominent in India’s luxury real estate market. Simple modern homes with integrated technologies are currently synonymous with high-end living. Custom-designed mansions from international designers, traditional residences, and rural farmhouses in the old, British Colonial style are equally popular homes in India.

Buying a house in India: most expensive and most affordable homes, mansions and luxury bungalows

Various factors make India an open door destination for real estate purchases. These include low loan costs, beautiful landscapes, and rich cultural heritage.

On our website, there are middle-class properties from 503,303 USD (approx. 457,971 EUR), premium properties--and then there's an ultra-premium segment of most luxurious homes with prices up to 23,903,586 USD (approx 21,750,614 EUR).

Real estate market in India: how to decide on buying a new home

According to India's latest real estate news, over the past two to three years, the country has undergone significant transformations in this sector, promoting the continued growth of the country's infrastructure and attractiveness.

Developers see excellent opportunities in the Indian residential and commercial real estate environment. As a result, they make enormous investments. Billions have been infused into new, luxury, upscale residential projects like the Trump Tower Pune and infrastructure development.

Whether your ideal scenario includes buying a home in India near popular, vibrant Mumbai City or somewhere in Bangalore a short distance from the beach, we hope that we have provided you with some useful information to plan your next purchase.

Where to Buy a House in India: New Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala, Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Filled with rich neighborhoods, the best educational and business institutions, and a lively nightlife, Mumbai has tremendous advantages. The inside real estate market burgeons with bungalows, exceptional marble pools and front elevations, and mansions with the most beautiful ocean views.

New Delhi, the capital and largest commercial city of India, offers more beneficial property prices.

India's most idyllic state, Kerala, is one of the most sought-after destinations in India because of its secluded beaches, small villages, lush, tropical backwoods, and cascading waterfalls.

Bangalore is India's third-largest city and the Indian Silicon Valley. It is one of the most preferred places for investments in real estate in India.