The Legendary 4004 Reborn - The Timeless Masterpiece Price On Request

The Legendary 4004 Reborn - The Timeless Masterpiece
The Legendary 4004 Reborn - The Timeless Masterpiece
The Legendary 4004 Reborn - The Timeless Masterpiece
The Legendary 4004 Reborn - The Timeless Masterpiece

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  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Internal Reference: IP01



For its 47th anniversary, a tribute to the very first and most iconic microprocessor of the history, the legendary Intel™ 4004, in its grey traced ultra rare package, to drive a unique Time Masterpiece. The creation combines in a single artwork, past and present technologies, modern and collectible museum grade components, to reveal a surprising piece of horology Art.

The Invention Piece 01 is a very exclusive design, including an extraordinary component released in November 15th, 1971, opening at its time a new era in integrated electronics for the next decades : the Intel™ 4004. This ultra rare iconic part is one of the most collectible and desirable component on the planet, and is presented in perfect shape and condition, in an absolutely unique working Time Masterpiece.

The Intel™ 4004 not only changed the way of computing, but also changed the whole computing industry.

Unique piece, in black edition:

  • Local time displayed on the first line,
  • Current date and geographic position (latitude, longitude and altitude) successively displayed on the second line,
  • Time, date and position automatically adjusted by onboard GPS receiver to provide absolute accuracy,
  • Core electronics designed with the rarest Intel™ grey traced memories and highly collectible white ceramic chips, 

  • Genuine Intel™ grey traced 4004 inside, in perfect condition and shape,
  • 87'771 precious instructions executed per second,
  • Certificate of authenticity for the grey traced Intel™ 4004 inside the artwork, with high definition pictures, detailed timing diagrams and waveforms.

  • Intel™ 4004 program memory components, neon bulbs and glass displays from ultra reliable russian technology,
  • Size: 610mm (L), 550mm (H), 50mm (D),
  • Weight: 33.1 lbs / 15.0 kg.

About the artist

Passionate about electronics and horology, Frédéric invents and develops a new aesthetic concept in contemporary art, combining Art and Sciences, vintage and modernity, technologies of today and yesterday. His artworks reinterpret the passing time. Second after second, progressive and random illuminations of orange light, animated digits and sparkling effects, create several visual rhythms marking the unique signature of his collections. 

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