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What makes a Riva special?

Considered by many to be the finest in the field of runabouts, Riva has grown to become synonymous with fine Italian speedboats. The company has a true old school approach to their craft, leaving nothing to chance but without falling into the trap of becoming stale. More
In any case, it seldom gets any better than feeling like your maneuvering something out of a movie starring Alain Delon. The owner has an appreciation for that certain Italian flavor, but is not willing to pick style at the sacrifice of substance.

Rarity & Exclusivity

Now a member of the prestigious Ferretti group, Riva remains a favorite among those in-the-know. The iconic models from the 1960s enjoy a massive following, with communities worldwide devoted to cherish the wonderful world of Riva. Owning one of the classic models is undoubtedly a sign of class and great taste.

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