Reinast - Innovations in Titanium - Luxury Toothbrush
€ 3,200


Throughout the ages, development in oral and dental hygiene has never been gratifying. From the purest, most simple branch of a Miswak tree to the electronic brush, we have finally found the balance between medical function and aesthetic beauty. Reinast brings extraordinary beauty to dental care through the use of distinct materials and elegant design that transcends time and passing trends.


The history of Reinast is inextricably linked to the visionary spirit of its founders to create luxurious everyday objects on the forefront of technology. The desire for timeless beauty combined with expertise in dental science and material research resulted in a unique and everlasting product: A toothbrush, Made in Germany, that merges exceptional functionality with a design that transcends time and passing trends.


To guarantee perfect biocompatibility with unparalleled durability, Reinast is manufactured from solid titanium under highest quality standards. The replaceable brush heads ensure exceptional and lasting hygiene. To further strengthen the antibacterial composition, an antibacterial coating is applied to the most critical point, the interface between toothbrush and replaceable brush head. These properties combined with the stylish, ergonomic and timeless design made the vision a reality: creating the first everlasting hygienic toothbrush, a fine accessory and an exclusive gift.


A timeless luxury is now an option.


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