Home cinema room in the 6-bedroom mansion, Tampa, Florida, $6,950,000 View Listing

Night sky ceilings, cave-inspired designs, gold-plated wallpapers, and artificial trees. Discover the top features for a perfect cinema room, including WiFi connected devices and wet bars.

Certain events, such as Christmas or the Super Bowl, consistently unite families and friends in front of screens at home.

Advanced displays and 4K projectors allow you to view the game in full ultra-HD quality and also keep an eye on some of the strangest Super Bowl bets — for those who laid down money on whether Miley Cyrus’ belly button would be visible.

Even prior to the coronavirus pandemic, more than 90% of the 100 million+ Super Bowl audience watched the game on TV, while about 65,000 fans claimed stadium seats, and several million spread out across the 95,000 sports bars in the US.

This year, some sports bars are open for Super Bowl LV, but owners say they don’t expect crowds and “know that [most of the] people are going to stay home this year.”

So, we studied our real estate section to find the best home cinema rooms available in every US state–where you might watch your next Super Bowl, since the homes are for sale.

Art deco, Neo-Baroque, and neoclassical designs: from $2,850,000 in Alabama to $35,000,000 in New York

Mercer Island, Washington, $17,800,000

Houston, Texas, $30,000,000

Kings Point, New York, $35,000,000

Baldwin, Louisiana, $3,850,000

Saddle River, New Jersey, $17,500,000

Madison, Alamaba, $2,850,000

The most unusual home theaters: from $1,500,000 in Nebraska to $25,000,000 in Utah

Orem, Utah, $25,000,000

Wilson, Wyoming, $15,000,000

Chattanooga,Tennessee $8,000,000

Santa Fe, New Mexico, $6,500,000

Omaha, Nebraska, $1,500,000

Ketchum, Idaho, $19,500,000

Top modern designs: from $3,950,000 in Oklahoma to $60,000,000 in Virginia

Tampa, Florida, $6,950,000

Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, $3,950,000

Alexandria, Virginia, $60,000,000

Long Lake, Minnesota, $9,997,000

Night sky inspiration: from $2,699,900 in Kansas to $25,750,000 in Nevada

Kihei, Hawaii, $19,950,000

 Glenbrook, Nevada, $25,750,000

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, $10,550,000

Fairway, Kansas, $2,699,900

Precious woods in highlights: from $959,000 in Virginia to $29,995,000 in Colorado

Sisters, Oregon, $17,250,000

Paradise Valley, Arizona, $12,950,000

Aspen, Colorado, $29,995,000

Fairfield, Pennsylvania, $8,000,000

Brumley, Missouri, $13,500,000

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, $6,950,000

Camden, Maine, $8,500,000

Springdale, Arkansas, $3,000,000

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, $959,000

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Classic theater vibe: from $990,000 in North Dakota to $115,000,000 in California

Portsmouth, Rhode Island, $7,975,000

Malibu, California, $115,000,000

Barrington Hills, Illinois, $17,800,000

Greenwich, Connecticut, $32,000,000

Travilah, Maryland, $3,799,000

Wilmington, Delaware, $2,495,000

Jamestown, North Dakota, $990,000

Watterson Park, Kentucky, $3,849,000

North Canton, Ohio, $4,900,000

The coziest cinema rooms: from $675,000 in South Dakota to $24,950,000 in Montana

Livingston, Montana, $24,950,000

Mooresville, North Carolina, $6,995,000

Simpsonville, South Carolina, $10,750,681

 Forsyth, Georgia, $15,250,000

Wolfeboro, New Hempshire, $10,000,000

Weston, Massachusetts, $9,995,000

Fishers, Indiana, $3,499,900

Manchester, Vermont, $4,200,000

Polk City, Iowa, $2,300,000

Oxford, Mississippi, $999,999

Dakora Dunes, South Dakota, $675,000

Anchorage, Alaska, $1,299,000

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