Launch from the Cocoa Beach Pier, photo courtesy of Visit Space Coast.

The 48-mile stretch of barrier island that makes up Brevard County’s Space Coast, located on Florida’s East Coast, is a hidden gem that residents boast has finally been uncovered to the world.

The area has seen exponential growth over the last decade, making the sleepy beach town unrecognizable to locals who have resided in the area since the 1940s and 50s. And the Curri Kirschner Real Estate Group, a team of luxury waterfront property experts, has served the area for over 20 years.

Broker-owner David Curri explained that “the area will never exude the jet-setting, fast-paced lifestyle that characterizes Miami or Tampa, and that’s what makes the Space Coast so incredibly special.”

Centrally located between all major cities in Florida, the Space Coast offers easy access to the corporate skyscrapers, any city’s exclusive stores, restaurants and clubbing scenes, without living amid the chaos, and paying a premium to do so. The often overshadowed area lies 3 hours north of Miami, 2.5 hours from Tampa and a mere 42 minutes southeast of Orlando.


The Space Coast is centrally located between all major cities in Florida

Four reasons to buy into the Space Coast lifestyle, and picture yourself as a local

1. Affordability does not neglect premier luxury on Florida’s Space Coast

For approximately $400-$600 per sq. ft., the real estate market in Brevard County becomes one where you can “name your place,” explains David Curri.

Residents have the luxury of choosing their waterfront views. Avid boaters are often called towards direct riverfront properties where they can walk outside of their home, onto their private boat lift. Not to mention that there is no better place to watch Florida’s East Coast sunsets. While others with a passion for the sea, choose to live directly oceanfront, where coastal breezes expand throughout their open homes and they can swim or surf in the Atlantic Ocean’s comfortable temperatures year-round.


The Melbourne Causeway East-bound in Brevard County, Florida

“Our brokerage website and marketing collateral say ‘Waterfront Brevard’ for a reason,” Curri beamed with endearment. “The area we service and live in is an oasis and I can confidently say that there is not a city that offers the same quality of luxury waterfront properties for the same value.”

Residents fly into their private hangar at the Melbourne Orlando International Airport, and are only a 10-minute drive from either causeway, bridging the mainland to the Space Coast’s barrier island. The ability to land from an international flight,  drive home on a breathtakingly scenic route without getting caught in any traffic, and arrive home within minutes, is a rare leisure.

2. About waterfront living (The Lifestyle) 

From the top of the Melbourne Causeway, imagine the Indian River to your left and right, and straight ahead, views of the Atlantic Ocean meet the horizon. The mile-wide island makes the choice between river views and ocean views an easy one, because you can have both.

You can go from flying internationally, to cruising down the Intracoastal Waterway on your boat to a riverside restaurant for dinner, as the sunset turns the sky hues of orange and pink, within an hour. You leave the headaches of rush hour and highway commutes behind when you fly directly into Melbourne and let traffic become a distant memory.


The city of Melbourne Beach

Even properties that are not direct oceanfront wake up to the sounds of waves crashing. Make your morning coffee, or grab a locally brewed one on your walk down to the shoreline.

If the Atlantic Ocean grants locals with any surfable waves, expect to see people flocking across A1A with boards of all sizes, much like colonies of ants on a mission.

3. Watching SpaceX rocket launches

Sip your morning coffee on the boardwalk as a SpaceX rocket launches before your eyes. If you didn’t wake up in time to get to the beach before the countdown begins, just go outside and look up! You can watch from the comfort of your own yard no matter where you live on the barrier island.


4. Slow pace of life

The Space Coast’s lifestyle is why those who grew up in the area often never move elsewhere. The same lifestyle is what magnetically attracts visitors from all over the world.

Relatively speaking, a slower-paced lifestyle is what many people need and will never find in major cities. However, this attribute is often misconstrued as a lack of wealth. Big cities like Miami and Tampa, provide an expectation for a certain way of living. The ‘always on the go’ lifestyle is glamorized alongside skyscrapers and designer wardrobes.


Oceanfront homes in Indialantic

The Space Coast is luxurious with a small town charm and trades the concrete jungles for palm trees. The same levels of wealth are prevalent, however cliched in a different light. If city life was never your scene, or you’re at a point in your life where you want the noise and daily hustle to sit in your rearview, your solution is uncovered on the Space Coast.

Notable names that have already discovered the Space Coast

The team at Curri Kirschner Real Estate Group feel the Space Coast is a hidden gem, but they didn’t say that they were the ones to uncover it to an unaware audience.

The area has been growing for years, and has seen a spike in developers and investors from all over the world majorly within the last 5 years. Vacant land on the barrier island is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and the area as a whole is gaining attention from people who want their share before it’s sold out.

Downtown Melbourne, Eau Gallie Arts District and Historic Cocoa Village have transitioned from predominantly dive bars to lively strips of restaurants, venues, rooftop bars and 5-star hotels. Local beach bars with their original charm are still scattered around the area, but the downtown areas that used to virtually close down as the sun set, are offering a version of night-life and entertainment that balances out the quiet beachside town without disrupting it.

The Space Coast is most notably known for having the second busiest cruise port in the United States and being the home of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. With the privatization of space travel, founder and CEO Elon Musk brought SpaceX to the Space Coast and the industry as a whole has completely taken off.


Aerial view of the beautiful Sebastian Inlet, aerial view of the beautiful Sebastian Inlet, Melbourne Beach, Florida

Locals see rocket launches as often as multiple times a week. It is an exclusive luxury that only a select handful of places in the world can provide. Glance at the upcoming SpaceX launch schedule and NASA’s upcoming missions from The Kennedy Space Center for an idea of how often this phenomena happens in Space Coast residents’ private backyards.

Another project anchoring in the area over the next two years is Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Resort which will feature a hotel, 227-slip marina with permanent and transient dockage and a 20,000-square-foot event lawn and concert stage. There are currently only 18 Margaritaville Resorts around the world, and the Space Coast is getting its very own.

Construction for the project is estimated to cost around $65 million dollars according to an article by BuffettNews. The resort is expected to be finished in the Fall of 2024, and bring a spike in tourism revenue, jobs, and another exclusive experience for Space Coast locals.

The Space Coast’s natural environment

While the developments across the Space Coast are important for the growth and economy, the natural environment is truly spectacular and has so much to offer. The rivers, ocean and wildlife make the Space Coast an outdoorsman’s paradise! Not to mention local boaters and yacht owners make trips to the Bahamas, directly from the Space Coast.


Between the months of June-October, the Indian River Lagoon, Banana River, and surrounding lagoon areas are illuminated with the biochemical emission of light by living organisms. This creates a magical blue-like glow in the waters, and never disappoints. Guided kayak tours are available all summer long, and offer an indescribable experience that one must see to believe.


Photo by Calypso Kayaking in Cocoa Beach, FL

Natural marine wildlife

For animal lovers, Sea World and Disney’s Animal Kingdom are both only about an hour’s drive away, and better yet, the Brevard Zoo gives locals the chance to experience and interact with over 900 animals, right at home. However, spotting animals in their natural habitat on a daily basis is something that a zoo or amusement park can’t recreate. There are pods of dolphins that play and feed at all times of the day in the rivers and surf and manatees surface in the canals and rivers by the hundreds.


Manatees huddled in the warm waters of Desoto Park in Satellite Beach, Florida

Additionally, sea turtle nesting happens all along the coast during the summer months. At night locals can, respectfully, watch countless massive Loggerhead, Leatherback and Green sea turtles make their way up the Space Coast’s shores. Under the stars and moonlit sky, these mother sea turtles dig their nests, lay their eggs by the hundred, and return to the vast ocean in silence. In approximately 2 months, those same eggs will hatch baby turtles, as the sun rises over the horizon. The baby sea turtles squirm to the shoreline, only to instinctually return to the very same beach, once they are grown and it is their time to lay their own eggs. Get used to watching this incredible natural phenomenon right before your eyes, for the rest of your summers.


Sea turtle hatchling making its way to the ocean photo courtesy of the Sea Turtle Preservation Society

Curri Kirschner Real Estate Group

Broker-owner David Curri and his team of real estate advisors hold the solution to water enthusiasts seeking luxury waterfront living. The coastal paradise that they call home is the last affordable waterfront destination in Florida, where value meets luxury.

Premier real estate opportunities are intertwined with an intimate beach town lifestyle that knows no traffic, or business professional suits. Leave the stressful city life behind, and move where rocket launches, beach days and boating become part of your daily routine.

David Curri states that while the laid-back lifestyle will always hold true to an extent, as more people discover the Space Coast and want their share in paradise, real estate opportunities have been moving at a record high speed.


The southern end of Brevard County

“It is only a matter of time before the value creeps towards the high-demand. We are already experiencing this trend, but the Space Coast market still reflects a sliver of big-city living costs.” says Curri.

The team at Curri Kirschner Real Estate are passionate about showing visitors why they’ll fall in love with the area. Visitors become locals and locals are whole-hearted advocates for the Space Coast.

Thinking about buying a home on Florida’s Space Coast?

Contact the Curri Kirschner Real Estate Group at 321-300-5409, email them at or visit their website at

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