Hong Kong is one of the most important cities for the Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and with 72 billionaires just as important for the luxury real estate market as New York City. Where do these billionaires live and which are the most exclusive areas in Hong Kong? We give you an inside of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the most unaffordable city in the world.


Favored by many expats, Mid-Levels is a central residential area for the affluent buyers, which are looking for the cosmopolitan lifestyle combined with tranquil nature. This neighborhood is located directly above Central on the Hong Kong island. Translated its name means “half-mountain” and refers to its location halfway up the famed Victoria Peak. The Central to Mid-Levels escalator system is the biggest in the world and makes the hilly area extremely accessible. It is a convenient way for thousands of people to reach each day their workplace in the Central. 
Nearby private membership  clubs are the Hong Kong Club, the Ladies Recreation Club, Helena May and The American Club
This perfect balance between the busy urban-living and the tranquil nature with many parks and hiking trails has its cost. This neighborhood attracts the wealthiest citizens of Hong Kong who are willing to pay top market prices.

No. 1 Po Shan Road

Victoria Peak / The Peak

The Peak is by far the most desired neighborhood in Hong Kong.  The high demand for a real estate in this area made it to one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world. The area is secluded, exclusive and offers the best view of the impressive skyline of Hong Kong. Some of the most famous tourist attractions are located in The Peak. Visitors come for the 360° view of the city and the various green parks. The Peak Tram is one of the oldest funiculars and takes you on a breathtaking trip 386m above sea level.
With the tram, you can reach the Peak Tower, which is an entertainment complex full of boutiques, restaurants and souvenir shops. With more than HK$120,000 per square foot, it is the most expensive neighborhood in the world. Properties come rarely on the market and the demand kept steady for the last years as still many wealthy investors try to get their piece of land in this billionaire district.


Stanley is located on the south side of the Hong Kong island. It is a beautiful seaside town, which is really popular among the wealthy buyers. With its Mediterranean atmosphere, it makes you forget that you are in one of the busiest and stressful metropoles in the world. The beachside living is the perfect contrast to the urban hectic in the city.  You will find a relaxing lifestyle, cleaner air, beautiful beaches and a convenient transportation to the city center. Especially families appreciate the access to the beach, space for the children to play and in general the family-friendly atmosphere.

Tai Tam

Tai Tam is as well located in the southeast of the Island. This neighborhood is another family-orientated area and therefore really popular among expats. This neighborhood features many developments which cater to family needs.  The accommodations in Tai Tam are not very large, new and offer facilities as swimming pools, children clubs, restaurants and onsite supermarkets.
The Hong Kong international school and the American Country Club make this area especially attractive for foreign professionals. The MTR does not offer any connections to the south side of the island, but the area is well served by various public buses.

Isabel Grun

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