As private jet flights are becoming more and more popular during the pandemic, we’ve already reviewed prices on aircraft buying vs. chartering. Now, let’s shift from the mere pragmatic aspects and gain some creative inspiration touring the most luxurious private jet interiors — with a focus on the top bedrooms located aboard.

Keep reading to see our selection of the most cutting-edge ideas, ranging from the innovative concepts of Boeing Business Jet to high-class interiors aboard Gulfstreams, Bombardiers, and Embraers listed for sale right now.

1. Master suites with a modern-penthouse vibe: black details, ceiling designs, and advanced technology

“When flying ultra-long distances, the owners (of business jets) are looking for a comfortable lounge, multi-function conference area and a large master suite to ensure the ultimate flight experience,” says Max Prado, a representative of the aviation design company SkyStyle talking about one of their latest concepts: Genesis BBJ Max 7, created for Boeing Business Jets.

Luxury private jet interiors: top bedrooms in 2020-2021

Luxury private jet interior with a dream bedroom and shower for sale

Jet bedroom with a luxurious walk-in bathroom. Concept Genesis for Boeing Business Jet Max 7, image courtesy: SkyStyle Design / Boeing Company & KiPcreating

Even if a jet’s interior design doesn’t boast the same level of creativity and innovation as the SkyStyle concepts, Boeing always includes some features to shape notably elegant yet relaxing spaces aboard.

“There are different styles with the ceiling, so you won’t feel like you’re stuffed in a subway tube.” This is how Boeing Business Jet’s Alex Fecteau explains the concept behind the night sky style ceiling in the Genesis BBJ Max 7. Other lighting ideas for private jet bedrooms include effects such as perimeter and accent lightning or so called “wall washing” (that illuminates a vertical surface in a soft way).

Black color in luxury private jet interior design: Bedroom edition

Image source: @Baroqueaviation
Inside A380 private jet with luxury twin bedroom and master bedroom

2003 Bombardier Global Express, Nuremberg, Germany, P.O.R. VIew Listing

Speaking of color schemes, luxury jet interiors often feature black details, whether those are  wall decorations or simply sets of textile elements. Black is a go-to color even for jet bedrooms. Notice how darker sofas and furnishings transform an aircraft cabin.

Buying private jet with a lavish bedroom: beautiful Gulfstream for sale

2013 Gulfstream G550, USA, P.O.R. VIew Listing
Best private jets with bedrooms with the most expensive decoration: 1000E

Image source: @Internationaljet

2. New materials in private jet luxury bedrooms

“I am excited for the future of hard surface materials and the opportunity for more selection in the industry,” says Greenpoint Technologies’ Ashley Moulton. “In addition to hardwood and stone floor innovations, I am intrigued by F/List’s vinyl tiles and Techno Aerospace’s Authentique flooring products.”

Billionaire-style, custom luxury private jet interior

Image source: @Privatejetdaily

According to the designer, these new materials are often inspired by natural elements and organic textures. For example, open-grain veneers (which look like a piece of expensive wood with a large grain) often are incorporated to create the sense of a high-class living space.

And, indeed, you can easily spot examples of this approach to design in private, luxury jet interiors.

Modern gold interior of luxury private jet

Billionaire's private Airbus jet with bedroom and bathroom

Gulfstream G550 with stunning cosmetics, USA, P.O.R. View Listing

Let’s take a look at the Gulfstream G550: the aircraft lately featured in Business Insider 

is “highly bespoke and customized to be a home away from home,” journalists emphasize. The bedroom area in this private jet is decorated with wood-style panelling.

We also spotted some attractive decorations on-board the Dassault Falcon 900B with brand-new interiors put up for sale in Monaco and the Embraer Lineage 1000E.

Rich red luxury private jet interiors

1992 Dassault Falcon 900B, P.O.R.
The nicest gold-blue interior for luxury private jets

2015 Embraer Lineage 1000E, Moncao, P.O.R. View Listing
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3. Create the atmosphere of a five-star hotel in a private jet bedroom

How do you recreate the relaxing, calming, yet classy environment inherent in a five-star sanctuary? Here are a few tips from Olga Polizzi, Director of Design for Rocco Forte Hotels: “Choose your linens and pillows. The best combination for bed linen is 400-thread count and 100% white cotton. Our preference for beds is four pillows: two king-size and two standard- size; these are a mixture of feather (75%) and down (25%).”

Amazing super-luxurious private jet interiors

Image source: @Flyplanetnine
Private 747 jet with a luxury bedroom

1992 Gulfstream IV SP, USA, P.O.R. View Listing

Polizzi also advises using fresh flowers “to add a luxurious feeling to the place.” We are compelled to agree that these small details (paired with a glass of Veuve Clicquot) make a transcontinental flight feel more like a stay in a hotel from your personal top list.

Private jet with a dream bedroom and shower for sale

Image source: @Aviationbroker
Cool bedroom interior inside celebrities' private jets

Image source: @Flyplanetnine

4. “Convertible bedrooms” for smaller business jets

Is it possible to enjoy the same quality of sleep that you would in your own home while onboard a midsize or light aircraft? Designers answer: yes, it is–with innovative convertible beds that can be placed between jet seats. One manufacturing company, JetBeds, highlights the absolutely flat surfaces and high-quality, firm mattresses that they have designed which are “created to the standards required of hospital beds,” with especially even weight distribution.

Large luxury private jet bedroom

Image source: @Jetbedinc

These “convertible bedrooms” can be placed inside almost any business jet, from smaller Cessnas or Hawkers (that, with no doubt, need them most) to midsize Ebraers, Dessaults,  Bombardiers, and Gulfstreams.

We selected some aircraft currently for sale that could benefit from this solution.

Small private airplane with master bedroom and kitchen: floor plan

2004 Cessna Citation CJ3 10, USA, P.O.R. View Listing
Huge private jets with a twin bed bedroom, master bedroom and couch

2006 Falcon 2000EX EASy, Lugano, Switzerland, P.O.R. View Listing

5. Divans for ultimate comfort

Finally, we can’t neglect to mention the comfortable sofas situated onboard, with their perfect color schemes and cushions, complementing VIP aircraft cabins.

Inside A380 private jet with twin bed bedroom and master bedroom

In 2012, Brabus unveiled several private jet interior concepts with luxurious sofas and soft furnishings.
billionaire's private Airbus jet with bedroom and bathroom

2008 Cessna Citation Sovereign, Monaco, P.O.R. View Listing

The furniture used in business aviation is lightweight and allows lounging with its ergonomically designed leg rests as well as lie-flat berths for extended relaxation on longer flights.

2020 luxury private 737 jet with 2 bedrooms

2009 Dassault Falcon 2000LX, Monaco, P.O.R. View Listing
private 747 jet with a luxury bedroom

Gulfstream V for charter, London, UK, P.O.R. View Listing
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