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California, United States
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About Vintage Car Collector
Vintage Car Collector offers a large variety of astonishing automobiles, ranging from classics, exotics, and gems to even the rarest and most unique concourse quality vehicles in the world. Our scope of demand and supply includes a network of buyers and sellers from every corner of the globe, thereby ensuring a remarkable diversity of origins, cultures, and styles which make our collection stand out on a global scale. By virtue of its captivating diversity, international reputation, and distinguished approach to classic treasures, the definition of VCC has expanded far beyond that of a mere collector of classic automobiles and, over time, has grown into a connoisseur of experiences and a repository of mind-blowing stories about the early origins and the ultimate destination of the car industry. Moreover, by collecting cars from all over the world, we also gather, store, and share yet-untold stories about the spectacular people behind these cars, those who designed, manufactured, sold, or drove the steel-made gems that have traveled across time and space and have finally reached our sumptuous inventory.